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2.0 million, Player House!

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I'd like player house to provide, besides being a safe haven, benefits for various checks. For example, gathering an extensive library would help with lore check while within the house(hmm... didn't some dev "do notes" about this?).


Also quest(s) linked to the house might be nice.

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Dude, I can see my own soul.....

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I want myself a playa house too man.

So that I can chillax with my hommie sapies, dwarfies barbadus and elfies delicatus... you know what I mean.

Then we acquire the services of the town harlots for some cultural dancing. Yah see.

And finally we start the festivities by doing some herbology... for medicinal purposes, yah know what I'm saying.


just a little tongue in cheek on the whole matter :p


Overall I find the whole house idea to be boring (considering what I've seen in BG2).

So you get a house or a castle, and then what? You never go there again. The end.



However, I liked the castle upgrade idea by Dxmc4 here because it opens up for a very cool idea that makes the whole house idea worthwhile:

Having the village/city where your castle is fend off against an invasion.

Now this could be something fun.


Or having a safe location where you can experiment with forbidden magic, like raising the dead.

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Well the player house is a nice feature, but in many games a very pointless one. In many games you got the house and then you came there from time to time to store loot. That's it.

However there were games where the player house (flat) was carried out well. Like Vampire: The Masquarade: Bloodlines.


As long as the plot is in the vicinity of your house, or in case of a open world game, your travels often lead through the city/town/village where the house is located that's great. You can rest there often or even the plot can be related to the place you live.


So it really comes down to the construction of the plot and game mechanics. I wouldn't mind the house being a big deal where you can decorate it, modify it in many ways and even have some sort of guests/relationships. However as long as the house is not 100km away from the nearest quest :)

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If they put in a quest to own the house, instead of asking tons of gold for it. Not so challenging that only high level characters need apply. Even a low level hero will appreciate his own bed. As for the other features, perhaps we could do quests to get optional upgrades.

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Oooooooooooook op.....you start of reasonable, great to own a house in game, want some customization and such all fine....then you go into crazy land and start ranting about all games being like the sims 3 nonsense. I play RPGs to enjoy the story NOT to spend 99.99% of the in game time doing garbage like taking my character to the bathroom, making sure he brushes his teeth, petting the dog and on and on and on and on. If you want that go play the sims....seriously. I am still amazed at how and why people would pay for and play a game where all you ever do is mundane garbage.


For starters I was not ranting, secondly I specifically mentioned all the things about the sims I liked and nothing you mentioned right there was part of it. How often do you have to eat and sleep in reality? 6-8 hours of sleep, eat about 3 times a day. In the sims a game day is like 1 minute long of real time. Now in a game like this where a game day is a few real time hours, you only have to eat once every hour or two and you only have to sleep about 3 times in a real day IF you play 24 hours a day, if you had a busy life you'd only have to make your character sleep every other time you played the game. They didn't have dental hygiene in medieval times, its ridiculous to even mention that. I was referring to the features of the sims that made it more realistic and added game replay ability, not the tedious stuff that I didn't even mention.


I only ever played NWN2 all the way through 1 time, even though it was a great game, once I'm done with the story its boring to repeat it. I also did not mention any of the other meters in the sims like the social, fun, et cetera because those would be pointless and add tediousness to a game like this. I did not say make a medieval version of the sims, (because that already exists its called the sims medieval) I said all games should incorporate some of the features of the sims, specifically which make it more realistic, giving you abilities in the game that you have in real life, and adding some randomly generated events and better AI so that the game can be played more than 1 time through. I'm suggesting that the developers be inspired by such features, not infringe on EA copyrights and steal their code.


Now don't get me wrong, I'd love me a house/stronghold that I can customize in depth with useful features like blacksmiths, workbenches, healing stations and maybe even a bar or something you know but I am absolutely NOT going to start catering to the garden or something unless I get something useful out of it like alchemy ingredients or something like in the elder scrolls game and even then I never catered to the gardens anyway because for the most part alchemy isn't my thing so I simply contended myself with trampling it every time I didn't feel like taking the long way to the door via the paved walkway.

Having the ability to farm doesn't mean you have to, obviously, the people who would love that feature get to and the ones that don't can simply ignore it and just not plant anything. I can't understand how anyone can be upset about a bonus feature like that, if you don't like it you can ignore it, and I bet you there are tons of people out there who don't normally like games like this but play farmville and might buy the game because of this feature, making the developers more money, and as fans of their work we should all want the developers to make more money.


I've been playing D&D for many years and you can certainly purchase a house, a tavern, a castle, even rent an apartment in a slum, a tent, any kind of dwelling you can imagine. The same is true in every other pen and paper roleplaying game I've played. You might play a homeless character, a traveler who goes from inn to inn, or perhaps you decide to play a character who rises up from humble beginnings to buy property in some fancy part of town, like the "Cloud District." It simply adds more RP choices, more ways to make choices and take actions you think your character would take, and something to aim for as your character seeks to accumulate wealth and become an important person in the game world.


Well I never played D&D, only BG, BG2, IWD, NWN, NWN2, and some other games like them like Dragon Age Origins and such. But that sounds cool. In TS3, you can design and build a house, a tavern, a castle, an apartment complex, an inn or shop, et cetera. That is what I was referring to when mentioning TS3 features in context of a player house. So you're saying TS3 has a feature that has always been in D&D and I'm basically just asking obsidian to incorporate a feature that already exists in D&D?


I don't think these stretch goals really correlate to the budget costs to implement them. Rather, they serve as sort of milestones with nice bonuses, along the road to whatever the ultimate funding level will be. Glad to see it looks very likely we will meet this goal. The one I'm hoping for most is official mod tools to be supported by Obsidian. If we get that, I'm certain there will be all manner of player houses added by mod authors, not to mention new quests, dungeons, and probably some great gameplay tweaks.


I know/agree. And mod tools would be cool, TS3 just has their mod tools built in to the game instead of separate, which would save time in any game. Civ4 did that too.



Aha, more cool ideas by Wintermute Omega, Sabin Stargem, Krios. Thank you everyone for continuing with the point of this thread.

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please leave dead threads lie.

Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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please leave dead threads lie.


That's very rude. Its not "dead" It hasn't been inactive for very long. I still haven't received responses to my last message, and the addition of the Stronghold adds new content to the discussion of this thread. The point of this thread, if you read it, was to discuss what features would improve the player house and the game, and now that it's going to be a stronghold the range of that has widely increased, creating additional content to the topic of discussion here. If I thought that there was no point to reminding contributors of this thread that it exists, I would not have posted. So if you don't have anything useful to contribute, I'd prefer you don't spam it.


The only reason I didn't post sooner was because between the time I made that last post and yesterday I didn't have the free time to sign in here.

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