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Regarding the abiility to choose the order of the upcoming stretch goals

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So it seems some people want the ability to choose the order of the stretch goals, below ill try to list the possibilities of this, if you have anymore please share.


Why allow us to choose the order:


1-it will increase the number of people who will back the game if a popular stretch goal is the first one to unlock.


2- some people might cancel there backing if there favorite goal is not achived because it was a latter achivement.


Why not to allow us to choose:


1-It might decrease the number of backers at the end becasue all the popular one's were achived first.


2-The relatively unpopular achivements at the end might not get locked


Also Obsidian might not be able to allow us to choose because certain stretch goals will require the resources (art, story and mechanics) of a previous goal as a basis.


P.S: first post so be gentle ;P


P.P.S; is there a spell checker here cause im not a native speaker.

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