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How close are you and your cup of tea? (Protagonist - Antagonist Relationship Thread)

Protagonist-Antagonist Relationship  

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  1. 1. My Favorite Antagonist is actually my Protagonist's...

    • boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partners (ex-partners goes here)
    • parents, uncles, or aunts
    • grandparents, grand uncles, or grand aunts
    • siblings or cousins
    • nephew, niece, or child. (grandchild and other varieties goes here)
    • classmates, workmates, or neighbors
    • Fellow residents. We live in the same city/country. (International relationships goes here too)
    • Village chief, Emperor, Queen, or other Authorities. (International Authorities goes here too)
    • Deities
    • own self
  2. 2. And we...

    • ...don't even know each other, until we crossed path.
    • ...met once or twice. We rarely speak, so we don't care to each other, until we crossed path.
    • ...know each other. We seem to get along.
    • ...know each other. But we don't really click.
    • ...are quite close. We are good friends, after all :)
    • ...are quite close! Oh who are we kidding, we don't like each other.
    • ...are very close! We are best friends forever.
    • ...are very close... to each other fists.
    • ...are inseparable! We trust our life to each other.
    • ...are inseparable! We swore to destroy each other.

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I've always wanted to play someone who is the hero's best friend and comrade, always overshadowed because he's not "special" (think Eolis and Hercules). Then they end up on opposing sides. Maybe it's just a difference of opinion or maybe they have no control over it. Or maybe the hero just loses his mind or becomes corrupted and the PC has to stop him. Either way, I'd prefer if the "hero" is the main antagonist, but not the ultimate enemy (think Saren and the Reapers).

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Hummmmm, I couldn't decide nor would I want to (as a player). Depends entirly on what story you want to tell and which themes and ideas you want to bring across.


Of course, as a player I want to be able to manipulate that relationship as I see fit.


Edit: On that note. Are you asking this question from the players or writers/game developers perspective?

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I fondly remember Suikoden II for the antagonist-protagonist relationship.


However, I can not in good conscious vote here. This is one of those things I don't want to influence Obsidian's writing choice on in the slightest. The relationship they choose to explore in this capacity is likely one of the ones they have their greatest amount of vested interest.

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My favourite antagonist is nonexistant since my favourite protagonist deals with a complex set of problems and characters which are not flat. None of them are the Source of All Evil, and my character is intelligent enough to see it and not just pin all blame on one antagonist.

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I liked the relationship (don't laugh) in Metal Gear Solid 3 between Snake and Ocelot. After they first fought and Snake easily beat him, Ocelot spent the rest of the game trying to improve himself in order to gain defeat Snake and gain his respect.



Technically, this could also be said to be his motivation in every subsequent MGS game as well.



This leads to a remarkably tenacious antagonist who constantly seeks to prove himself against you. Even should the world be torn asunder, a character like that is still compelled to seek you out for one last challenge, if only out of pride.

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I find antagonists with a close relationship to the protagonist the most interesting (discounting himself/herself since that kind of dynamic is different). Antagonists are often portrayed as individuals/entities that come from some distant "evil" motive or are rather far removed from the protagonist.


This is not necessarily a suggestion to Obsidian, but I always wonder about under what situation, a close friend, relative, or even a lover, that you trust with your life and perhaps known most of your life, would turn against you.

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