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Will a Fixed viewpoint be damaging to the immersion? also amount of combat.

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To me, the perfect RPG would basically be the guts of BG2 mixed with the presentation and style of Dragon Age: Origins.

But this is what Dragon Age: Origins was supposed to be and it did not work very well at all. Do you think it was just because the underlying system was bad? I suppose it is possible -- there was a lot of lazy design borrowed from MMOs (cooldowns, aggro, low impact of positioning) -- but I think the camera also played a part.

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Yes, but similarly, not every aspect of the game needs to be stuck about 15 years in the past. I mean... the way some people talk it's more like they just want a whole new expansion-like campaign of Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale or Planescape: Torment with nothing new or fresh and every single damn element to be exactly the way it was back then, even the ones that sucked.

There was a mod released recently for NWN2 that converted IWD to the NWN2 engine. You made that point about iso games like IWD being better to play in engines like NWN2, go try that and tell me it's better in the NWN2 engine than the IE.
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