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So my 2¢(s) on what makes an RPG great as an Infinity Engine (particular BG2 & PS:T) fan!

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So I'm of the ilk that loves BG:2, thinks PS:T is good, and like the other infinity engine games, but don't think they really quite compare to the first two mentioned.


The reason, I think, is that my RPG experience is defined by characters and stories.


More than the other IE games, these two games have a compelling/interesting overarching storyline. Perhaps judged on the storyline alone, PS:T wins, but that's kind of moot.


What I really think takes them beyond the others is the party interactions and characters, and they are the chief reason why BG:2 comes across as better the PS:T. (PS:T's aren't bad, they just don't really progress - by mid game, your party feels frozen, while in BGII stuff happens through the whole script almost.)


I really hope that Project Eternity has party members that have interesting back stories, have interesting quests, have interesting personalities, and who have their own opinions about things, sometimes strong enough to tell you no, but also, and, perhaps most importantly, can change because of your influence.


This is why BG:2 wins - it felt like you could have some sort of influence with your party beyond a canned romance. Being able to get Viconia to change alignments was a particularly nice touch.


I think a great world is nice. I think a great story is nice. But I think great characters that you get to have an influence-opinion-personality tug-of-war with are what make an RPG great.


So I'm really hoping the party members you can get are well developed interact with each other as well as the PC.

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Planescape Torment is a legendary game man, if they make anything close to it, it will already be awesome.


The story is great, I just wish my characters didn't feel like they were in perma-stasis after act 5. It's like woohoo, I get out of sigil, Annah kisses TNO, and that's it for the remaining 4 or 5 acts. And she's like the exception to the rule... none of the rest really have much to say to begin with. Dak'kon is okay, but seriously, you're going to unlock all the circles in like the 1st ten days game time, not over 9 chapters, which leaves what? A couple encounters with other Githzerai?


Don't get me wrong, I like the PS:T chars, they just feel frozen far too soon. Some of the NPCs have the same vibe -- they just keep saying the same stuff regardless of what happens. Because BG:2 pulled off that whole switcheroo where lots of stuff changes when you get out of the Underdark and your NPC development lasts longer it comes across a bit nicer. It also helps that every party character has a (somewhat) extensive side quest. I mean imagine if you had to go to Limbo with Dak'kon, right?

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