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I won't have time to do wiki work, but: Man, the comment function in the Curse wiki news bits is really annoying to use. As big as a shait Wikia has become, at least the comments were working good.


Feels to me like Falloutwiki isn't really growing, due do the fact that people don't talk in the comments section anymore.

There is actually a way to create a third-level comment, but you need to edit the URL to do this. Don't understand why it's not allowed to create a normal comment threads.

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The wiki is up now at http://eternitywiki.com - it's still mostly empty, but this time I'd like to encourage everyone to help out from the very beginning! At the moment, you have to register to edit, but anonymous editing will be possible at a later point. We're working on a skin for it, but because of slight technical issues we're having at the moment, we might have to wait before it's on.


Great news that some of you give sacrify their free time to create a PE wiki. Would be perfect if it becomes as good as The Witcher wiki or others (http://witcher.wikia...ki/Witcher_Wiki).




Well, considering that the Witcher Wiki was founded by myself before I left Wikia (I'm banned from all Wikia wikis now), and it's now being run by Game Widow, who's also working at Curse now and will be helping out with Eternity Wiki, you can bet on it being just as good! :)

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Hey Ausir, thanks so much for setting this up! I would say it's a good idea to keep up to date with what Feargus has been posting on the comments so far. He's probably been dropping some good knowledge about the game and other things on there.

Let me get back to sleeping. I'm tired...

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I'm in the process of setting up the Official Project Eternity Wiki, which should be officially up in a day or two. Anyone interested in joining in?


Always a gift to see the community do what it does when at its best! Thanks Ausir. Let me know if I/the Mod Squad can be of any assistance!


with thanks,



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your life is what our thoughts make it
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