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Possible to play tabletop "Project Eternity"?

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I was wondering, that once the rules are set up, lore, etc. Would the Project Eternity be possible to be played as a tabletop game?


Sure no reason it couldn't be ported to PnP. d20 systems can be made for just about anything you can imagine. Is it something that Obsidian should do? Nah, let them focus on the computer games. If you really want a PnP version, do it. No reason that you, as a fan, can't create a ruleset for you and your friends to enjoy.

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This ruleset is developed specifically for RTWP CRPG combat/gameplay. So, I guess it would need some adjusting, but it's not like this can't happen after. There's a good chance even if there's demand.


I'd think that it's easier to port from RTWP to TB, than the other way around... You'd probably have to add some statistic like "initiation" and "grid speed" to get the movement sequence and distances covered. The old games had ticks (6s per round was in NWN I believe), so that could be possibly reverse engineered.


Just a question of curiosity though :D

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