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Make this game fun for us munchkins

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Guys, I love to roleplay and all that. I love a good story. I love good characters. Part of me, though, likes to obsess around the make up of my party. I like to crunch the numbers and find ways to maximize my orc killing efficiency.


Though I like some elements of modern RPG systems (like 3E's feat system), I just do not feel as I get as much enjoyment as I did from what BG2:ToB did with 2E. I loved the multiclassing and the kits. 3E multiclassing did not seem nearly as effective unless one simply used the system as a means to reach key milestones or to achieve certain PRCs (I am pretty sure most PRCs in 3E are designed to make up for the sucky multiclassing). Sure, some stuff sucked in 2E, like dual-classing but overall, I could obsess for untold amounts of time just planning my multiplayer run-through party in BG2 in ways I never did with NWN2 (unless I had Kaedrin's PRC pack installed).


The main thing about 2E is how well it HYBRIDIZED classes. Please allow to not just make fighters but also fighter/thieves and fighter/mages and fighter/mage/thieves. If within such a system, we also have a diverse feat or skill system, then all the better.


Another thing, I really like what 4E does in that it gives non-magic using players more to do than simply attack.. All classes get a wide arrangement of skills that allow them to damage, support or control the battlefield. This really opens up the fight and makes it more dynamic.


My dream system... the classes/multiclasses of 2E, the feats of 3E and the abilities of 4E, lol.


In any case, however you guys go, please make system that would work not only in a title like Project:Eternity (story centric game) but also in something considerable less cost intensive to produce in a future (like those good ole dungeon romps from IWD).

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I actually really liked how restricted the classes were in 2E. A paladin was a paladin, a druid was a druid, etc. You couldn't really mix and match the different classes and that gave them a certain mystique. With 3E that all went out the window and classes just didn't feel special any more. I think that a class should be more than just a collection of stats, it should be an archetype. Something unique, something that stands apart from all other classes not just in terms of functionality but in terms of roleplaying as well.

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