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Stretch Goal #2 Reached! Congrats!

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Congratulation, Obsidian. Congrats Mac Users. Maybe we will pick up more Mac backers now that that tier has been reached.


I estimate the pledges will top out around 4 mil. I think the next tier will be reached Friday or Saturday.

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There is actually a few groups of people who are interested but haven't pledged yet:

  • people who want a DRM free version
  • people who want translations (French, German, Spanish)
  • people who want more information in general (these cause spike after updates)
  • people who always pledge in the last 24 hours

There is also quite a few people who haven't heard about the Kickstarter yet.


Also, grats on 1.6m and 40k+ backers!


May I insist on what this wise man said right here :) . In particular the drm free and translation things hides a huge amount of backers for this project. I suppose that Obsidian is waiting on the statistics of backers coming from each country to announce wich language is sustainable for a translation. But the great Feargasaurus should probably say something about it tomorrow. Some backers will take this delay like something a little condenscending for their way : it works both for the translation and the drm-free thing I think. Though as a french english speaker and non particularly touchy gamer person, I can't say I care that much for these :) .


On the final amount bet, as a proud backer of SRO (the avatar says it all :) ), I know that a few backers-friendly decision can transcend a kickstarter. PE has easily a potential of 7 to 10 millions dollars for final pledge. You can't just imagine the amount of infinite engine fans out there who would love just the thought of this project. Obsidian needs to inspire the considerable fan base that they already have and make them SPREAD THE WORD to the limit of this world and beyond :wowey: . PE just shouldn't have a day with less than 100k pledged. If obsidian does it right, the final rush is going to be HUGE :w00t:

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Congratulations on reaching $1.6 million in funding! I suppose there are probably some very happy Mac RPG fans somewhere out there today.


Personally, I'm totally OK with Steam DRM and I use a Windows laptop, so I'm not concerned about Linux, OSX, iOS or DRM-free versions.


Just hoping for the possibility of official mod tools!

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Congrats Obsidian and everyone else! Kickstarter is already at more than $1.6M and it's been just over 4 days since the whole thing started! :w00t:


How long do you think it will take to reach the next mark?


Depends entirely on how active they get in promoting the Kickstarter and doing stuff to encourage more (and increases of) donations.


If they stay as is, with what I would guess are updates about a day after goals are reached and maybe a handful of other updates on Kickstarter...


1.8 will be hit in roughly four days. 2.0 maybe a ten days after that. And we'll crawl to maybe just reaching 2.2 or 2.3 by end of campaign.


However, if they up their game (I expect they will) then it could be in as little as 2 days, with later goals adjusting based on what their game is.

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Just so you know, ropekid, I teared up a bit when the KS reached $1.6 million, and I might just take a day's leave from work if you ever break $3 million. You guys are doing a Good Thing for games in specific, and for interactive mediums as a whole.


(Would have mentioned this on SA, but I was afraid I'd make some people withdraw their pledges).

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