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  1. 1. Your thoughts on achievements:

    • A typical console-born annoyance. Not needed in old-school mature cRPG.
    • Sometimes can be interesting and motivate a player to do more than one play-through.
    • Ok. But only if there are no achievements of "kill 50 monsters" or "die 20 times" kind.
    • Non of the above.

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I never understood achievements when I first saw them. They had no game-importance, it just seemed like a way to show off to your friends which is kind of sad. However occasionally some seem interesting in a way to get you to try stuff. Ie, an explorer achievement to try and find difficult to reach areas, or a way to gain some in-game reputation. Maybe it's a check list of really difficult to do things, or a list of "have you tried this" items, or maybe extra challenges.


Examples: in Thief some players have a self imposed "ghost" style where they must make sure to never be seen, or a style where they're not allowed to purchase any extra items, or that they must find every last coin of treasure; those could all be achievements. Let's say it was Baldur's Gate, and achievement could be to acquire all three pantaloons :-).

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