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What would make you pledge more?
Multi-player co-op...




...if I suddenly come in to exorbitant amounts of cash! :biggrin:

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Getting a hefty raise. I've already pledged $140 and I will probably raise that to 250.

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Im at 170,- allready, but if Obsidian confirmed that the size of Project Eternity (1) will at least equal the size of Baldurs Gate 2, I will gladly double that.

I would be really disappointed if the Main story line was too short, even if there are extensive side quests.

If Obsidian would at least be frank about what game length is achievable at what funding level at least my mind would be at rest, for spending so much money.

I do not think there has been a statement on that yet - Extensions on companions (Sidequests) and Player-House do not count toward the story backbone in my opinion.

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So we know that there are going to be new digital tiers and there will probably be more stretch goals and game details in the coming weeks. So the new pledges will probably keep rolling in. But what I want to know is what specifically will make you pledge more money to the project?


So aside from how much you pledged already and irregardless at what price a new reward will come, or how high a stretch goal will be; what will it take, 'specifically', to make you pledge more?


Just name the thing highest on the list since you could have mutiple.


Winning the lottery.

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Nothing, I've given the most I'm comfortable with.

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as long as 20 dollars gets me the full game, that's where I'm staying. I have very little interest in the other incentives like soundtracks and maps and collectors edition stuff. Anything else I pledge would be purely me being generous, and quite frankly I don't have the money to do that.

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I probably throw least hundred bucks more when they tell more information, like technology level (which Sawyer alredy promised to be in near future updates), some estimation how long story arc they aim, etc. over all information which don't necessary tie them down, but gives better picture of the game still. And I don't oppose against specific information if they care to give it, especially I would like to know is world high/moderate/low in magic (so are it full of magical artifacts or are those rare, can you find wizard from every corner or they rare breed and etc.) . I would be also nice to know if over all tune of the game will be more light (in end good conquers over evil) or dark (world is dark and some one always suffers).


But are you saying that it doesn't really matter what they announce? If it doesn't why not pledge more now?


No I am saying that I have strong faith to that I will like what direction they will take, but I don't dismiss that change that they can go towards such direction which I am not the greatest fan, and then they must be content with that $228 (collector + shipping + 3 extra copies + obsidian order pledge) what I have already pledged.

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I'll stick some more coins in the pot when Paypal is implemented.

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- Statement that players will be able to transfer their "history" into the next title ("final save" rules!). I'm not speaking about direct party transfer - but about some "key" information - what characters made it, key choices player made etc. So that this "history" will influence the whole series experience

- Announcement of something similar to a car from Fallout - unique upgrade-able object that will allow you to travel faster and hold your wares

- Announcement of a pen and paper RPG rulebook available with the collectors edition above $100

- Figure of one of the characters in collectors edition above $100

- Soundtrack available for download on iTunes

- Jan makes his comeback as a tough NPC (former caravan guard and adventurer, who had to retire because of a wound before it became a trend). Seriously!

Been there. Seen that. Got the scars.

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I'm maxed out, but if I wasn't, then I would like something that I could put on my desk alongside my Navy-issue Apocalypse battleship, my Brimstone figure (who treacherously wears a New Conglomerate dogtag. He's not worthy of my VS one that I wear), and my LEGO Fury-class Sith Interceptor.


Since I have pledged $140, the figure would have to be included at any pledge tier from $140.01 to ~ $170. I would consider scraping up the funds to bump my pledge amount if a figurine/statuette was included.

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nothing... i pledged as much as i can afford.

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Probably more specific information (which I hope will be forthcoming) about size of the world, rough estimation of gameplay hours (or at least give an example of another game they think would be a good comparison for PE), specific gameplay mechanics (in particular, I would like to know what kind of 'save' function they will be using) and maybe address a few of the points people are raising on the forum.


I'm already at a fairly high tier, but my husband and I have talked about making another pledge so his recently passed grandmother's name would be in the credits (just to honor her).

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If they had an interesting enough stretch goal and I thought that reaching it would be quite important for the game's quality, then I guess I'd pledge some more. Localization, translation to MULTI 3, MULTI 5, MULTI X is not among these goals.

Or if they gave some more specific information regarding the game that pleases me; more details about the universe, playable classes, game mechanics etc.


But frankly, I'm not very interested in the pledge rewards except the high end ones which I can't afford.

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I'm still waiting on Cain, Avellone and Sawyer to sing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey for my pledge of €50.

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