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Stretch goals  

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In my opinions stretch goals are pretty boring and uninspired, and they suffer greatly because of lack of more specified information.


New Playable Race


This is just boring, and doesn't effect the imagination in any way. People look at it and just think "ah, there is going to be more content in the game". The problem is that the new race could be something if find boring lazy (half-elves, gnomes) or exciting (some bug people). It would be much better if cards were revealed up-front. For example if the goal stated that cat people would be added, everyone who likes cat people in their RPGs would be more likely to support Eternity if he's not sure if he should.




Same problem as race.


Player House


Sound just like yet another location, and pretty boring. Some info about related quests, customization or anything that makes it wort the time would be nice, but right now I can't see it standing on it's own as a separate stretch goal.


The Story Grows

a new Region, a new Faction


Same problem as race. It's too little to get people excited. People could get excited over "mysterious mansion storyline" or "island region with a pirate faction" or "wasteland region with magical mutants" but not over just some random region.



X version


Only effects minority of the players, but it's OK i guess.





The only goal that works for me, because it's easier to imagine what will anther Obsidian companion be like than it is to imagine what will another region, fraction, race be like. Probably because people are pretty similar no matter which setting they are in.

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Based on the Eurogamer interview, it actually sounds like rather than the stretch goal adding a race to character creation it would add a new race to the game. So without that goal it wouldn't just be that your character can't be a gnome, but that gnomes don't even exist. (At least that was my understanding).


As for the new region, note that it is tied with a new faction. I would compare this to F:NV which also had factions. The powder gangers, great khans, and fiends all had areas they were based in, but they weren't unique 'region' hubs. I would interpret this stretch goal as saying that they would be upgraded to the NCR's military base (and outposts), House's New Vegas or the Legion's camp.

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I'm pretty happy with the stretch goals other than the Linux/Mac version ones and having those may help more people to experience the IP. I understand what you're saying about it being more motivating to contribute toward more specific goals, but I'm actually pleased to see them being cautious about what they promise. Things can change during development and not having to deal with "You promised us X" if X proves ill-advised is a good thing. As written the goals are basically "We can do more of everything if the budget is less tight."

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OK, to be perfectly honest, the stretch goals do look a bit uninspired.


New race/class does not really mean much without context. If there are only few races/classes in the game, this might be exciting. However, if it turns out to be a race/class very few people want to play, it won't be, so we have to put this down as "potentially more options".


The story grows, a new faction, player housing -- yeah, same thing: more contents, more options.


But realistically: Isn't this what you would expect? Isn't that what you would want? More contents? More options?


Localisation and Mac/Linux versions only mean something for a specific subset of backers. More contents is the only thing that will benefit all players. So I'd be quite happy with 2.5 million = more contents, 3.0 million = more contents, even if it does sound boring.

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