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Item distribution/placement  

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  1. 1. How should items be distributed?

    • Every item is static, with it's own written history/story (BG1/2, IWD etc)
    • "Normal" items placed randomly, while higher tier items have permanent static placement. (as above)
    • All items randomized and/or procedurally generated. (Diablo 1/2/3 etc)
    • Major items are static, but also with a tier of randomized items that can potentially be as useful, for variety.
    • Other (please detail below.)

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I always enjoyed hunting for the best items with each new playthrough of BG 1 and 2, and it was always a major factor in how I planned my characters. Without that carrot at the end of the stick, I probably would have played those games much, much less. But is it the ideal way to handle weapons and items in the game? What do you think?



(edit: it should be noted that option 3 is just to hear if some people actually want that style of play, it has already been noted by devs that written histories for items will be in the game in some form, so this option is already technically ruled out.) :)

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Item distribution is actually very important for a large amount of game aspects - difficulty of combat, economy, setting consistency, magic being "unique" and all that. I voted for first option - everything being placed by hand. As for variety problem, it should be solved with choices player's character makes in the game - not getting that paladin's sword because he is not of the order, grabbing "evil" spellbook cause he is... well, evil, and so on.

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Very important question. I prefer static items, since it gives the world a more designed character. Also modders can create mods that can suffle the items around so that once you get bored to the original item placement, you can experience the world in a different way. Randomized item systems can easily take immersion out of the game experience - I remember replaying a certain dragon encounted through some 20 times in Might and Magic VII just to get the kind of loot I wanted for my party. That kind of exploitation is obviously retarded, but if the game mechanisms do not prevent me from doing so, I will constantly keep wondering whether I could have gotten better loot from a certain enemy etc.

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I prefer the fourth option. It is a good balance between replayability, non-Diabloesque dependancy to random drops and a good challenge to the player's adaptability. I'd like to avoid replaying the game with a determined mindset, preconstructing the party's evolution by jumping to powerful items milestones. A touch of randomization may lead to rethinking the strategy you were using and vary the game experience.

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