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Heya! :3


I have a plea! A simple plea! X3


Higher complexity = more replayability. Please add more races, classes, and recruitable player characters. Eight companions is such a small number. *makes a puppy dog face* Can ya double it? Please? Pretty please? n_n' If you ever return to the cold north, I will even give you hugs! n.n



I love Planescape, but as a wonderful, amazing story to read rather than as a game to replay often.


I would much rather a game more similar to Baldur's Gate, which had 25 companions in BG1 and 17 in BG2 (and character interaction in BG2!). Yes, it's more work, but it was well worth it. :3


Character creation, party creation... more choices for substituting one character for another character who plays the same or similar party role. For example, Anomen's constant hitting on my female PCs and his general whininess = I can choose Viconia or Aerie instead for a party cleric. In contrast, being stuck with, say, Tomi Undergallows because he's the only thief in the game (not that I have anything against lit'le Tomi!) is not great. (Yes, NWN only had non-controllable recruitables and 1 PC, so it's not the best example as it's not a party-based game. Cut me a little slack here, eh?)



And battles with large numbers of combatants - the Yaga-Shura bridge fight! Goblins at the docks! Mercenaries! Assassins! ****y adventurers! Bar fights! Tribes! Hunters! Or simply an ambush by bandits, or a crazed necromancer and several types of skeletons, or ugly yippy little dog-like creatures that never ever ever run out of bloody fire arrows and keep appearing around each corner and don't let up and won't let me leave - argh! ~_~ ... ... OK I'm good o_o' (I bet kobalds smell too. :p I insult their mothers.)



Let me be clear...


I donated $20US to Project Eternity, which is less than I paid for either of Planescape, Baldur's Gate, or Knights of the Old Republic!


So if you end up creating a game with combat similar to Planescape (limited companion selection) or to Knights of the Old Republic (limited party size, small battles), I'll play through the game a few times and be happy. Then I'll go back to Baldur's Gate, or Wizardry, or Gold Box, or Natuk, or something older but with fun story and combat. :)


But if you create a game with layers upon layers of complexity for characters and combat, I will play through the game several times and be a very very happy gamer! And as much as I dislike purchasable downloadable content (the game should be sold completel - and missing chararacters doesn't sound very complete, huh?), I would totally purchase extra character and class packs. (although if I had to do that, you would get less hugs from me. :p) Even if you decide not to up the character limit at release... just the promise of more characters in an expansion pack would make me happier.



As a final note, I do know that you can create a system of branching classes to increase party and battle complexity. Maybe at level 10 a monk class can choose to become defense focused and learn healing or offence focused and learn flaming first (or whatever) followed by another set or two of class branching, but that usually does not result in a huge increase in party options/roles. The monk would normally remain in the frontline fighter role, while the only changes are its secondary supporting roles of, say, healing or element-capable (fire) attacks.



Soo... yeah, please consider adding in many more companions. ^__^ If you don't, I still love what you've set out to do, and I'm sure I'll love what you'll have made. :)


Also please add a player tiefling-like race with cutsey ears and cutsey tails and sharp knives. cat attack nya! n.n

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I agree with the larger companion size. I recently played "The Last Story" on the Wii and it was one of the rare games nowadays that allows 6 character parties and it was amazing with the interactions and the tactical aspect of the game. I sincerely hope the developers would allow a larger roster.

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Obsessing over Sword Art Online at the moment ^_^

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I do like a good story too. I enjoy Baldur's Gate - but I enjoy Icewind Dale significantly less, even though IWD has slightly more complex combat and different combat scenarios. IWD2 even has much more character creation options than BG2 as well. But I still replay BG2 more. :)


A 6 person party with 8 characters total (+ the PC = 9 characters?)... leaves 3 characters that you won't have in party. It really doesn't feel like there are many party combinations possible. And compared to Baldur's Gate that just seems so little. :(


Anyways, I hope they decide on adding in more characters. I can only hope! ^_^ I've given them my piece like they asked for, so there's not much else I can do.


The result will be fantastic either way, I'm sure. :D

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