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Dear Obsidian, don't listen to the crowd. Make the game as you have planned it.

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Dear Obsidian, don't listen to the crowd. Make the game as you have planned it. Make it as you'll love it.


There are some awful ideas on this board. Please stay true to the spirit of the games you use for inspiration: Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. Do your best to revive the great experience these games have been in the past.


I trust you and you alone know what is best for Project Eternity. People in your team have made great games - games that set the standards in the RPG industry. Listen to the gamers but don't let them decide for you. You are the pro's! I'm 100% certain that people contribute to your Kickstarter not because the want to play a game they've designed, but to play a game that YOU have created - your concept, your ideas, your execution!


Wish you luck!


AMEN in the strongest possible terms.

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From what I've read I think Obsidian are largely on the right track as far as my own tastes go. There's some things I don't know about yet that I'd like in the game that may or may not be because it just hasn't been mentioned, but what I've heard so far is pretty damn good. About the only thing I'd have personally liked is a more free-form camera so the game was more akin to NWN2 and Dragon Age: Origins rather than purely isometric, but it's a fairly minor quibble.


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Yeah, I think at this point, it's probably better to figure out what they're doing first, then listen to fan input on what they put out for critique. Otherwise, the fans are trying to make these guys make THEIR dream game, not Obsidian's.


Ideas put up need to be considered and refined to Obsidian's tastes first, then take fan input.

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