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A combined Morte/Kangaxx reference, maybe. I'm too tired to think of one right now, but there's something there...


or a cursed red robe (penalty to Charisma) that once belonged to a very bitter witch named Edwina.

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"We have nothing to fear but fear itself! Apart from pain... and maybe humiliation. And obviously death and failure. But apart from fear, pain, humiliation, failure, the unknown and death, we have nothing to fear but fear itself!"

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That's because Sigil is an actual part of the Forgotten Realms universe.


Well in fact Forgotten Realms along with Sigil are part of Planescape universe. FR are one of the worlds of Planescape's Prime Material (if we talk about setting, not about publishing).

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"Go where the others have gone, to the tenebrous limit

for the golden fleece of void, your ultimate prize

go upright among those who are on their knees

among those turning their backs on and those fallen to dust"

Zbigniew Herbert, Message of Mr. Cogito

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