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Lets talk/speculate about the map

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Since its really all we have right now about the world setting.




My first impression was that it looks a bit like Europe. Probably because that bit stretching off to the north looks like Denmark. Then I noticed the LOTR elements.


But upon further consideration, especially of some of the names, this world reminds me a bit of the Dalelands part of the D&D Forgotten Realms setting. You've got a big forest with "Ruins of" as part of the name, and you've got an area called the Free Palatinate of Drywood, which has me thinking of loosely allied smaller states.


Which then leads to me wondering if we are finally going to get some of the stuff that was supposed to be BIS long-ago Baldur's Gate 3, the loosely defined sequel that was supposed to be set in the Dalelands. While Sawyer at one time said he was thinking of doing something with NWN2 to tell that story, it never did happen. And we know Obsidian incorporated elements of the BIS Fallout 3 into New Vegas, so recycling some of that hard work that was never seen makes sense for a project like this.


This is going to be fun, I think. ;-)

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