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No, thank you! Your games introduced me to gaming and gave me a wonderful hobby for life. I did what I can at the moment, and I was extremely happy to see the project hit its goal in record time. Best of luck with the game (it sounds great!) and I'm very much looking forward to 2014!


Thanks again for doing this!

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Thank you to Obsidian too for trusting in the fans and were willing to take the risk of cutting out the publisher in the process of making a game.


Nothing restricts a game more than having a publisher involved. Now Obsidian would be free to develop the game to the best of their creativity without clueless publishers hindering everything.

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To everyone who has contributed, is considering contributing, or is just checking out the site: thank you so much for your interest and support. The site has had some ups and downs due to the high traffic, but we appreciate your questions and comments and will be trying to catch up with them as quickly as we can. To see such a dramatic outpouring of support from the community is truly astonishing. Thanks again.

Have fun making the game you want to make as a team and bringing us along for the ride.
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I've read from a few devs that they weren't sure if this would get funded. Isn't it sad that one of the few good devs gets mistreated by publishers (for example the New Vegas metacritic royalties BS), doesn't realize people are frothing at the mouth for their games? A game created by devs for RPG lovers without a publisher?


Man, I can't wait.

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Hah, I decided to focus on leveling my imp agent, and I came back, not only to the announcement, but to see it already funded (last night). :D


Needless to say, there's at least one forum member here who's dime you'll definitely be getting. Kind of bad time for me due to the fact I'm becoming a doctor in the next two months and am obliged to spend quite a chunk of dough on different kinds of administrative and traditional expenditures. Vacillating between 250 and 500, hoping I can scrape together enough for the 500, especially as a Mac version is of crucial importance to me...

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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I think it is better to say thank you, to all the team that makes this game possible. For a long time fan of all those great games like BG, Planescape Torment and so ever, it's an honour to participate to the development of a new exciting project.


"What can change the nature of a man?"

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I have faith in you Obsidian :)


Faith = a lot of trust you know


I've played games like:


Baldur's Gate (I & II) - with expansions

IWD (I & II) - with expansions



Fallout (I & II)

Fallout:NV (although I got put off because of the combat mechanics - that's Big Beth to be blamed though)

ToEE (veeery fun game = challanging)

Alpha Protocol (very good game, I wish there was a sequel...)

NWN 2 (and NWN) - and all expansions

KotOR 2 (and KotOR)

Dungeon Siege III (preferred the combat style of 1 and 2 though - so I dropped it fairly quickly)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


That's quite a record of Black Isle, Troika, Obsidian games. I think I only missed out the South Park, but that's not my theme at all.


By "commiting" those games, people who work at your studios have gained my trust in every title you make. Sure, there might be something like DS3, which wasn't very good for me, but that's what I would call an accident.


I realize that teams were changing over time, but the quality of story, companions, and adventures was always top notch. Just keep it up!!!

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These recent Kickstarter campaigns that raised multiple millions for games that everyone (but the publishers) wanted made seem to me like a groundbreaking development. We've reached a plateau of sorts with the high-stakes AAA gaming roulette, where the publishing companies have incited a revolt from the people against maximizing profits with the cost of everything else that goes in a game. While Project Eternity raised a million dollars promptly, this kind of project would still be a very risky endeavour for a publishing company, and probably wouldn't make much if any profit. We have to realize that this game receives some of its money because of an emerging 'rebellion mindset' against the traditional publishing company model. That doesn't take away from the benefits of the crowd-funding model at all, and seems to be a more healthy way to organize a game project that requires this much creativity. Someone has to believe in the game creators to break new ground, to give them the time and space to work,and this time the people are the ones to do so.


If this game was published through the regular channels, it would be very difficult to get as much interest focused in it as it has already been gathered in this short period of time. It's also a logical way of looking at your target market -- The generation that played these sorts of games first with their parents' money, and later scraping by as students, have grown up by now and piled up enough wealth that forking over monetary support for promising projects isn't that much of a strain on the budget.


Lastly, Project Eternity has a huge responsibility carried on its shoulders, as does Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, etc. If these projects are favorably received by the audience, I think it will build an enormous momentum for the crowd-funding model of game development. The other option is that it will go the way of the US space program, and we'll have to take another look at it some 30-40 years down the road. No pressure though!




Oh, and by the way, I checked the intro video on Kickstarter for Project Eternity, and Josh Sawyer (I think) mentioned that Obsidian wants to put more mature themes in the story. I will be extremely disappointed in everything you stand for, if this is not delivered. You can leave out the sex and the violence if you want, since they're mostly used for the scandal effect, but please do not shirk the mature themes.

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I think it's about time you make the game you want without any pressure from a publisher... I always considered NWN2 a diamond in the rough as well as a lot of other later games that show the wonderful potential of Obsidian but always seemed if there had to be too many compromises. I just wish I could use Kickstarter w/o a credit card... pitty a paypal donation won't count there.

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Obsidian deserves the thanks. They're undertaking a very high risk low reward venture here to produce a type of game that most industry bigwigs think is no longer profitable, simply because it's what they want to do. It's also pushing a change on the market that I hope leads to the end of the publisher, so success in the industry is once again based directly on the relationship between developer and consumer instead of stock market meta-gaming and random economic fluctuatins.

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The beauty of the buy-in is that it really gives us a sense of ownership. I'm not talking the 'rude customer' ownership, but more a sense of belonging to the project and feeling like the project belongs to us. Some folks will undoubtedly use that idea to make obnoxious statements and ridiculous demands, but some folks would have done that no matter what and with less buy-in. I think the mass of us in this community will want to discuss or even argue the issues, but we'll trust you guys to make the game the right way. The big difference for me is that I'm excited. I feel like I'm part of something bigger than this community, or even Obsidian, but an actual movement. It's a form of 'every man' patronage where you don't have to have a single revenue source to fund your work as you go.

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Fionavar's Holliday Wishes to all members of our online community:  Happy Holidays


Join the revelry at the Obsidian Plays channel:
Obsidian Plays

Remembering tarna, Phosphor, Metadigital, and Visceris.  Drink mead heartily in the halls of Valhalla, my friends!

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No, I really want to thank you, Obsidian. When I saw this announcement on kickstarter this morning in my hungovered haze and opened the trailer and absent-mindedly reading the text below talking about an isometric RPG I was overjoyed to see that someone still made these games. Then my eye wandered to the name of the developer and I was shocked and at the same time the video games that defined my childhood started popping up on the trailer. I literally cried and laughed.


I mourn Bioware due to what they have turned in to and I have to admit that my faith waivered a bit with Alpha Protocol, but if you do this right, I will not only pledge my money but I will also pledge my undying support to you.


A huge chunk of my childhood was spent sitting next to my brother when he was playing Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape, etc. I was 8-10 years old. It truly was a wondrous time for me. The epic stories and the company of my elder brother while we explored them together. It's memories I always treasured. I of course dabbled with them when I was a child, but I did not speak the language and the difficulty was too much for me. However, 10 years later, when my english had become sufficient I stumbled upon Baldur's Gate 1&2 in a shop and played them. It was great. So I decided that more of my childhood was out there, so I started the playing the rest of the classics from Black Isle Studio's. They are truly great.


And now this. I honestly am happier than I ought to be about this and I definately know what I will buy my brother in April 2014.


I have not pledged yet, though I will. Minimum 35$.



- Lord of Lost Socks and Master of Misplaced Mittens.

My thoughts on how character powers and urgency could be implemented:


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