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Good luck Josh, Chris, Tim and Ferg and all the other guys at Obz, we are all rooting for you to succeed.


It sounds like you are planning the game most of us have waited ten years for. I hope publishers pull their heads out of their arses: I've just pledged my $35 and note that you are well over the $800,000 mark already. You'll have the money by next weekend, and probably then some.


Am looking forward enormously to the dev cycle and learning more about the game. Brilliant to see so many new faces too.





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I don't want to speak too early but it looks like they will meed their 1.1 Mil goal in under 2 days....maybe even under 24 hours. This is plain and simply put the best news ever.


They do promise to deliver quite a lot given the relatively small budget but we are talking about the greatest game developer to ever exist here so they probably have the engine in place and are ready to roll on a smooth development process.


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As soon as I Saw the kickstarter I had to donate. An Obsidian project where you guys have no studio in your way. Cant wait to see the end result.

None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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No, thank you, Obsidian! :D This project is dreamlike. I was basically raised by Torment, IWD and Baldur so this is gigantic nostalgic ride for me as well. While Dragon Age failed to be the spiritual successor of those games at so many levels, I sincerely believe you guys can pull it off. You got my pledge, you got my support - good luck!

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in some ways this is a terrible time to be a gamer what with all the CoD clones, and RPGs being dumbed down for consoles and pretty much everything of that nature. this is one of the reasons this is a great time to be a gamer.


Now, in all fairness, I really enjoyed the Modern Warfare series. I'm not a huge FPS fan or anything, but they were a lot of fun.


Dumbed down RPGs on the other hand... just sad.


it's not so much CoD itself, it's that everything else is also trying to be CoD. it's just annoying as all get out.

Master Wetboy of the Obsidian Order of Eternity

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Can I apologise whole-heartedly for the grievous errors in my earlier post? I said that you'd probably have the money by next weekend, when it has become abundantly clear that you might do it by tomorrow afternoon! :biggrin:


As of 14:51 GMT on 15th September...




For a project like this, from a team like this... raising the money is a formality. The question is not when they will reach their goal, but how many times over will they smash their goal and how much collective froth will we all generate from our respective mouths as a direct result of the coming details.


Thank you!!!!!!!!







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"You would not understand. No mortal possibly could. It is beyond the powers of comprehension of all but the most powerful of powers, and once they understand, they move beyond the veil of mortal comprehension. I can explain it no more than that. Perhaps, sometime, you will understand." - O

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Thank you for making this game !!


I was hoping for 100% RPG for a long time, I had some expectations towards Dragon Age 2 (after Origins was great game considering whole world, side quest etc but main plot was the biggest cliche ever) but it was a mess. And all your old games were amazing, to this I wish you made KotoR3.


I'll donate for sure, just don't know which version I want and I'll spread the word among by friends as many of them love RPGs but I doubt if they're aware of this project.

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I didn't hesitate for moment and donated as much as I can. It is funny to see people thanking Obsidian for taking their money, and it is even funnier that all of us know that Obsidian won't disappoint and deliver the game that we really want. We have to wait for more than year though ((((

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