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thank you!

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Hello :) The game is pretty cool. Not as good as BG2 and PST, but better than BG1 and IWD. It's a good spiritual successor. Thanks!

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The game is a buggy mess that is unplayable unless you are ok with systems breaking problems. I love the idea of the game and can't wait to play it once it is stable.

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Game was truly amazing!  Hats off to you Guys!  Your team has created a great Brand to expand with!


I look forward to the expansion and Pillars of Eternity 2!


I was so invested in this game, the characters the story, the good the bad.  Great Experience.


Your Music directing could have been a lot better though.  I won't go into detail about it.


I tired to do everything in the game finishing it with 81 hours I believe.

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A huge thanks to everyone involved in making this game! I consider myself an old gamer not easily entertained and this game is the best i'v seen since i don't know when :). You took the best from Baldur's Gate and made it a sequel that is both old school and new in sense of gameplay and graphics. I didn't expected the game to be this good sincerely:) Im still enjoying it after 60+ hours. There's just some minor things that im sure a lot of people mentioned in the forums...Once again Thank you and looking forward for a datadisk and sequel!

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Thank you for creating this game. I found it an enjoyable experience, with some interesting plot twists and turns. Play-wise, it had a lot of nice features; I particularly liked the rest system, the Marshal's bounty approach to combat-only quests, fast and slow modes, area looting, crafting, and the dual damage track. The epilogue summary was a nice touch. The characters all made enjoyable company, albeit less banterous than I would have liked, and the main villain was well thought out. :)

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Had the time to let the ending sink in (and already bought and installed Wasteland 2 to get some additional fix). Really enjoyed this game, and will be a Kickstarter if there will ever be another thing like this. To me this wasn't merely nostalgia, this is state of the art role-playing more than ever. Speaking about nostalgia though...




Any way to get this signed? :) Not sure whether there had been an equal in American/English promotional material back then, but that's a very fitting tag line for the game: "The first role-playing game in which you don't know which role you're going to play." Good times back then with Torment. Good times now with Pillars. Thank you. :)

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