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Thank you Josh and all in Obsidian for making great games and having guts to go into this project. I hope others will recognize your work and that PoE will make great sales and what is even more important, will be played and refereed to 15 years from now and more!


I wish you all the best and many more great RPGs for you to make and for us to play :)




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I wanted to thank Chris Avellone for talking with William Usher of OneAngryGamer.
Whenever a dev speaks publicly, a significant amount of the echo will be negative and given the current SNAFU in gaming, it's probably worse.
Yet, I find it very important and valuable for the discussion.

If nothing else, the interview made me aware of "Pillars of Eternity" and I am glad for it.
"Baldur's Gate" nostalgia is a factor, without a doubt. The thing is, the style of the game means that you're not going to boast about TressFX-NoseHair Effects. This style requires a robust mechanic & (hopefully) couched into an intersting story/world.
After years of MMO-Grinders and Bioware's elaborate Dating-Sims, just seeing the screenshots at OneAngryGamer and then seeing the gameplay trailers ... it fills me with a yearning ... of something too long absent.

I want to thank the team for daring to make such a game.

I guess, I said my piece. So then,
ciao, have fun

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So, I did not post much on the forums (or even at all) but thank you so much to everyone at Obsidian who worked on that game.


The Day That Was Promised is getting closer and closer and I literally can't wait anymore. This is going to be epic.


I loved the way you shared the development with us fans with regular updates and I hope Pillars of Eternity proves to everyone that may have doubted it that IE style RPG can and do still have a role to play in the game industry.

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I had no idea this game was in the works. No idea how I missed this news over the past 3+ years. Anyhoo, I wanted to say thanks to all of you fans who have been fighting for this and backed the kick starter. Thanks to all those who have been here eagerly waiting since day 1 and posting here for years.


I kind of feel like a cheater coming so late to the party... just in time for the go-live. As a new/somehow oblivious fan, I want to thank all the true fans who have been here all along and made this happen for the benefit of everyone.


Don't feel bad. While we 'paid' for PoE, you and all the others who buy it after release will decide what's in the expansion, and wheter or not there be sequels. So instead of a cheater, become one who spreads the legacy further... arm thyself for a PoE legacy brother!

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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Thank Ye all for making a game that will feel like the immersive adventure that I rarely felt from playing most "Modern" RPGs. Where you can cram in as much creativity as possible with out having to impress publishers, who only look at the cold, cold, soul-less market numbers.

Let your creativity rampage freely through the path of development! 



:bat:                               :sorcerer:                      :dragon:                       :ban:

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Oh, no, thank YOU handsome! I've not been following it as much as I should have but I really like what I've seen. I have been waiting for a game where I can create my Elven version of Sharpe's Rifles for ages now and it is possible only thanks to you.

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I've posted my thanks in this thread once before but, since the beginning is nigh and I probably won't be back to the forums for a while once the game is released, I thought I'd give another round of thank you's.


Thank you again to everyone at Obsidian Entertainment! You guys and gals made true what most of us thought would probably never happen again: a return to the BG/BG2/etc. era of fantasy CRPGs. I've been waiting for this game ever since I finished Throne of Bhaal a long, long time ago and now we're all just a moment away from diving into an enchanting world again. Text-based interactions, RTwP, choices with consequences, party-based combat, hand-painted backgrounds? It's like I've been transported back to the turn of the millennium! I wouldn't have thought I'd be this excited about a video game again but you have proved me wrong!



Thank you to everyone else working on PoE in whatever capacity, as well! Having a publisher like Paradox Interactive to create awareness and help market the product may be a huge factor in us seeing more games like this one in the future, given that Pillars of Eternity is well-received and does well financially. Thanks to you, too, whoever else I'm too ignorant to mention!


I'd also like to thank my fellow backers and everyone else who has pre-ordered the game! Without you, there most likely wouldn't be a Pillars of Eternity in the first place. I guess there is some good in the video games section of the Internet after all ;)


Likewise, thank you to all of you who played the backer beta and contributed to fixing bugs and making the game better! I'm sure the rest of us will have a more polished gaming experience thanks to your efforts.


Thanks also to the PoE community for keeping the devs on their toes and giving them feedback.



Well then, I look forward to seeing you all on the other side! Thanks!


P.S. Justin Bell, thanks for the music! Ah, that main menu theme in the PAX East video. Goosebumps!

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Im so Happy i did a Kickstarter on this, to be honest i had not much faith in you Guys,

in the Beginning.

That is because of the Bioware Games & Black Isle Past.(And the Compairing of those Game, i played them all of course)


I thougt you may not do this right.


But this time you are above my expectations, so i preorded the Addon aswell yesterday.

TBH I cant wait for Tomorrow, and the Game i mean "It looks just as i wished for"


Hard mode of course.


THANK YOU ! :teehee:  :dragon:

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