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Hi Guys,


I just realized that I forgot to add 20 bucks for shipping to my $140 pledge (I added 20 bucks but I meant it for expansion) :(


Is it possibile to change my KS pleadge after I reacived e-mail from Amazon that my payment was completed?



I found this on the PE FAQ page:

Don't worry if you missed paying for international shipping - we'll handle this later through our website. At that point you will be able to pay for shipping or any other related charges.

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Thank you for using Kickstarter to found the game.

Thank you for your trust in us that the Kickstarter will be successful.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show that there is still interest in this sort of cRPG.

Thank you for making the game DRM free.

Thank you for running this intensive Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you for making this game. (Not sure if the game will or can fullfil all expectation, but i´m confident that the game will be awesome :dancing: )


And congratulations to the amazing funding result.


PS: Perhaps you should now start a second Kickstarter to fund a fill-up of the Obsidian Mini Bar. ;)

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Thanks for using Kickstarter, the weight of your company's name will do marvelous things for the program.


My only regret is that some smaller and newer groups may be put back by how well you guys do everything related to making a great RPG.


I for one, feel my long history of almost worshiping you guy's for the work you've done has been well placed.

Help is good when asked for,

Better when needed.

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You guys writing the best dialoges i ever read/heard in computer games, also nearly all characters you create are top-notch and WAY better then everyrhing else i ever inteacted with till now. Further your Stories are amazing (if you are allowed to finish them ;) ).


Lets hope you are able to do the necessary poslishing this time! ;)


If this is the case P:E could be one of the best RPG´s ever created (and not only from the Retro/Oldschool POV!)

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Thought I missed out after I saw kickstarter pledge ended on 16th October. Went to the main page and saw that I still was able to donate and started dancing like crazy. Your welcome Josh and after this is all said and done and the game is released we will be the ones thanking you.

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I'm really excited about this project because I'm really looking forward to play a good RPG again.

And I really like the weekly newsletter. It's really interesting what you write and explain.

I think it should be done more IMO. So that people could understand some design choices better.


So Thank YOU! For making this and let us being a part of it.

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And the Diplomacy skill check is failed... ;)


How so?



Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forests and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoors experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.----Fred Bear



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