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The Worm Ourobouros

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Those books by the way were just a result of googling around different words from the text provided, and mixing and matching with the oroboros, finding Lovecraftian poems and so on, and landing on this fantasy series which, quite honestly looks like an amazing fit for an RPG series, the maps for the book settings were created by a naval cartographer and so on, the fantasy includes morality questions and the futility of repeated actions, and is a good v evil setting of sorts. Plus the books deal with the ouroboros, and the setting is Norse-like, similar to some of the language, and it's written in a very formal 16th century English way.


Anyway, this is my guess after all of ten minutes worth of research.

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This may well be one of their inspirations for the game but I really don't see them going for a game based on this....a bit too old and obscure to mean much to people so I doubt they'll be making a point of saying the game is based on it or to keep development from taking them miles off track for the sake of sticking to it. Still, good find though....interesting if nothing else.


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I guess so. I find it interesting that Tolkein praised his work though. I don't think the age of the text should make a difference, people still use Dante, shakespeare, even Lovecraft in their game ideas. But certainly obscure.


Then again, the Witcher books are arguably obscure by Western standards and yet we have two amazing RPG's from them.


Agreed though, ultimately it was just an interesting find that I wanted to share :)

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