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Just bought PC bundle, game won't start



I just bought the digital bundle of DS3 + the Sun DLC from Gamestop, had no problems installing it with Steam. When I try to run it, there isn't even an error message, the game just won't run. Opening the Task Manager while I do this shows the DS3 executable running in the process list for about 5 seconds before inexplicably disappearing.


I've tried reinstalling both from Steam and Gamestop multiple times, changing regional settings around, reinstalling C++ libraries, and nothing works. The most frustrating part about this is that there is no error message, so I have no idea where to start. My PC meets the Sysreq easily enough, but is it an issue with the Radeon x1900 video card? Anyone have any insight on this?

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Not much insight I'm afraid. Mandatory question, have you installed the latest drivers for the x1900 (not exactly the newest kid on the block, but I think drivers might still have been updated in recent years). What OS version and the rest of the key hardware specs (memory etc.)?


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As far as I know, the x1900's most recent driver update was the Catalyst Control Center that Radeon released for it (which I'm using), since they consider the x1900 legacy now.


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Processors: Intel Pentium D 3.40 GHz


And of course, the GFX card is the Radeon x1900.

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Seriously does the game start for you, moderators? I have the same problem. What kind of a world we live in where Microsoft game doesn't work for Microsoft OS?

I'll describe the problem. After I installed a game and launch it through Steam, it displays "preparing to launch Dungeon siege 3" window for a second then nothing happens...

This is really frustrating, game seems better than that terribad DS2. Anyway I can't be certain obviously since it just won't start and it doesnt have to do with my video card, drivers or something like that. I successfully launch numerous other games, Aquanox, Stronghold, Half life 2... But not DS3 :(

I use Windows 7 and have 4gb RAM if that helps anyhow

PS and where is that patch, the one http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/57953-steam-update-released-game-doesnt-start-anymore/page__view__findpost__p__1126218 talked about.

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