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To be fair, you usually always show the cinematic stuff for trailers. But even those little tiny gameplay snippets didn't show much promise. It's still lots of stupid jumping and climbing, with some "Oh Lara help please these dirty men want to kill me" juvenile American angst culture bull**** that will ultimately ruin this game.


And screaming, don't forget her screaming...a Lot apparantly.





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It's not "screaming", it's moaning, let's call things with their name. And yeah, the trailer was full of terrible, unpleasant connotations. Granted, a lot of things can carry them (more often than not, unintentionally), but considering they put so much care at the reveal to present Lara as a non-sexualized character......... yeah. On top of that, I have the awkward feeling that the game will be a QTE-fest..




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It looks like a hilarious mix of Lost and Deliverance, directed by Uwe Boll.
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Either way, 1313 shows lot's of promise. Dirty world, not too much Force Powarz nonsense, and hopefully no Daddy issues story or some other crap. I want this to be barebone, gritty (yes, I said it) and intense. I want the old Star Wars back.

Wait, unless I mistake your meaning, when was the 'old' Star Wars (games or othertwise) barebone, gritty and intense, exactly ?

It means non baby-stuff Star Wars, like the old Trilogy.

Edit: Thanks to the worms eating deeper into my brain stem, I'm probably the user with the highest Edit count.

I edit almost every post I make. It just doesn't tell people I edit posts anymore.

On the subject of 1313 and Star Wars. The original trilogy definitely was in the used future style. Even the Imperial equipment had its grime. New trilogy is very clean. Part of this is because of the CG abuse. When they bother to use actual sets in their CG scenes, those set pieces tend to be dirtier than the rest.



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Seems to have passed somewhat beyond the 500 post finishing line... more thread here


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