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My KotOR 2 Story

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So I didn't really know where to put this so it'd be seen by the devs. It still probably won't, but oh well.


I first played KotOR 2 about three or four years ago. I heard Obsidian is in financial trouble, so I want to say this in case they ever close; I want to let them know that their works have made a difference in my life, if only in how I see the world a little.


KotOR 2 reached me in a way that no other game has done. I know it was held up by many as an example of how not to release a game and had its fair share of bugs and cut content, but that wasn't the point for me. I don't know if the original developers still work at Obsidian, but I'd like anyone who sees this to know that KotOR 2 did something that no other game has ever made me do: it made me think. It made me question my own perception of right and wrong, something which has always been crucial to how I live my life and the decisions I make. And while my answer to the question of "morality" was ultimately different than the author's, it still shook my entire view of the topic and made me question all of the answers I had come up with before and was so sure of. Out of over a hundred PC games (and probably at least as many console games) that I've played throughout my life, none has actually reached me the way KotOR 2 did. All the more surprising, it being set in the Star Wars universe (a setting that, to me, was usually all about saving the galaxy and fighting the big bad).


I wrote a review of KotOR 2 here, it says pretty much all of my thoughts on the game from a reviewer's perspective, but that can't really do it justice and doesn't really go into how the game impacted me personally. But there is a reason it's my favorite game of all time and it's a big part of why I'm still a gamer today (and why I still play this game three years after my first play-through, though TSLRCM has encouraged that a bit, as well).

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All the more surprising, it being set in the Star Wars universe (a setting that, to me, was usually all about saving the galaxy and fighting the big bad).

I think Chris Avellone said something in an interview about hating Star Wars (or at least certain aspects of it) and Kreia's loathing of the force being a proxy for his own feelings on the subject (paraphrased quite a bit as I don't remember the exact quite anymore) :)


Of course, a lot of SW fans probably didn't take too kindly on all the not so clear cut stuff... and there was also the thing with a certain Lobster Mecha that didn't look like some silly comic book version.

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Yeah some of the cut content was a bit upsetting.

Like poor Atton if he loses the Atton V Sion battle.



Trust me, we aren't going anywhere near the place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next few years.



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