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Buying and transferring items

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Hi guys


I'm trying to find out if I can swap items between players and/or have different characters buy stuff. It looks like you can only buy using your main character but at the moment I have Lucas running around with loads of gear and Anjali with practically nothing.


Any assistant would be appreciated





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You should be able to switch at the equipment screen. As far as I recall (might be wrong) but there are two ways either from the main menu or by pressing the right arrow (PS3 version). Pressing select and then highlighting equip and then the character and pressing X is the other way.


It has to be stuff that the character can actually use though , shows their picture. Or it will not appear to equip.Makes no difference who buys it everything is shared between you and whoever is in your party at the time.


If thats no help post again and I'll go check it out.

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