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DSIII is CGRs third best game of 2011

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I think it went something like "Even if you weren't of the Legion, you're still family". Rather sweet indeed, and a far cry from the scene you get when you meet Katarina with Lucas as your companion, which is actually rather funny o:) Particularly Lucas' "You really think so?" when Katarina tells him he has prettier hair than her :p .

Yep, that's the one.




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Does the game have endings for each of the companions in the game?



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No, they all end up the same way as the player, rebuilding the Legion, and the game is rather sketchy about what happens after that, so there is no special fate for them.



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Dungeon Siege III won the "cult" award in MCC's GOTY vote and made it overall to #42 in the ranking.


Most years when I look at the first-past-the-post list a "cult" game emerges that received very few overall votes, but where an overwhelming percentage of those votes were #1 votes (I think of this as the "Persona award"); this year actually didn't have an incredible standout in this category, but I think the award fairly goes to Dungeon Siege 3, which scored a relatively poor #42 in the overall rankings but made it all the way to #17 counting first place votes only.

Overall Results:


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