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Bite of Arakun preorder bonus (Amazon) not to spec?

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Hi everyone.


I just activated my Amazon.com preorder bonus, The Bite of Arakun.


Every where I've seen it's description, it states that it has +12 Poison and +2 whithering (not sure about the whithering stat, more concerned about the poison).


I just got the item when I loaded up my game but it only lists it as +4 Poison and +2 whithering (again, not sure about whithering but I was only concerned with poison).


I'm wondering if the stat will be buffed as I level up (all the way up to a +12), or if the descriptions I've been seeing for the item are just incorrect.


Anyone else having an issue with this?


Oh and I'll just throw this out here while I'm posting something: the multiplayer implementation is severely impacting my decision to buy another Dungeon Siege title plus any upcoming DLC. I hope it gets "fixed," but then again they already got my money for 2 copies (one for a friend) so more power to you. I love playing single player, but I really wanted this to be my weekly-game-with-friends-night game and we might just stick with Daggerdale for a few more weeks... sadly.

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i agree its pretty much worthless..im betting all the preorder bonus items arent worth the time it took to put the code in to get it..


Well, let me take those words out of my mouth real quick and say I don't know whether the item is worthless or not. I really only booted up the game, got the item, and saved it. I haven't had a chance to run around with it.


I'm hoping the +4 stat will level up with my character to keep it powerful, because it would be really handy to poison the hordes of enemies.


But maybe it will stay +4 and I'll find a different item that over powers it early on and it will end up being quite worthless. Too early for me to judge right now.

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Without preorder bonuses, you don't have any rings or amulets for a quite while, so it is still worthwhile. No clue if it's meant to be +12, but that would make it very powerful early on.

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