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Please unlock the game in all regions on Tuesday

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Right, I'm royally pissed right now. Bought the game hoping to be able to play it on the 17/18th thanks to my Icelandic address linked to my Steam account (which also confines me to games available in the Icelandic region, not other regions). Boy was I wrong. Turns out they geotrack my IP which leaves me without the game I pre-purchased for another 1.5 months. This is ridiculous. I can see how they would like to keep the game off the streets until the localized Japanese version is ready to go, but this makes it even impossible to play the imported PC version of game (in case of boxed retail version) until it's officially released in Japan, even though I have no intention on playing it in Japanese.


So, dear Obsidian staff members, is there any possibility to have the game unlock for Japanese IPs when it is released in the United States on Tuesday? Because I see no reason for you to keep it locked. I have already put down money for it, it's preloaded on my computer, it's practically ready to play RIGHT NOW. Since those who import the US/EU versions for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to Japan can play it the moment they get into their hands, I don't see the rationale in giving PC users the short end of the stick.


In fact, this is the perfect example of where pirates have the superior position, because not only can they play the game (even if it's just confined to single player), but they don't have to put down money like I did when I pre-purchased it.

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Bump for great justice!


It might also be a good idea to contact Steam. I was in Japan when DS3 first went up for pre-order but it wasn`t listed in my Steam. I contacted Steam about it, they pretty much fluffed me off in my help ticket, but about two days later it showed up for pre-order.


I might even try sending help tickets to Square and Steam just to see what kind of automated fluffy response they give me.

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