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Two major flaws

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Let me say that i dont want to bash this game. Most of the criticism here on the forums are based mainly on opinions.

The graphics. Well its not so bad.

The controls. Its not Dungeon Siege anymore, but hey, its something new.

The consolification. Well, its completely different, but it works. Kinda...


But there are two major flaws that have no positive aspects whatsoever.


The Camera + Coop

The extremely zoomed screen, which is bareable in singleplayer, in combination with shared screen in coop play is COMPLETE DISASTER. The more people playing the worse.


The save system

The fact that there is no persistent characters and that only the whole game can be saved + the fact that only the host gets the save file. Again im stunned by this decision, dont you see the implications? NOONE will ever want to just join a strangers game. Why would he? He cant progress the story, levels or items of his characters. And even if you play coop in organized group of the same people, non of them can use the character and just play when others arent around. Three of them cant becoucs they dont have the save, and if the host will he will rob others of some of the story of the game.



Seriously Obsidian have at least one guy more inteligent than dead cow tested the coop multiplayer over the internet. IT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER DISASTER

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thats not the right way to do coop. i agree.

even though i never play coop in any game, i know how its supposed to work. and how it can work well. borderlands does it very well.


i see no reason beyond coders ability why both host and participants are not saved. cant be a design decision surely? i mean, its wrong if it is.

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