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What stats are most important for Lucas?

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Augmentations that aren't overwritten by redundancy all apply perfectly normally to empowered spells. I haven't seen a single case where that isn't true, but I didn't empirically test all of the skills.

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Hey Everyone,

Lucas needs Will stats. Will, Agility, and doom. Once you get up high enough, get Unbridled Wrath and select an option to increase his focus gained every chance you can. He has a talent for it in the 2nd tier of talents on the top. Buff that out, Buff out focus gained on unbridled wrath, and then just blade dash your way through everyone!!! Trust me... I have beaten the game more times than the people in this forum.


Glitterdelve and Spire have some amazing equipment for Lucas and the Heroe's crypt gives him a nice buff if you explore. Also look around in the Gunderic Mausoleum and near the store in Spire... P.S., there are 2 stores in Spire. 1 Before the Jeyne fight near the West Turret and another one after you defeat Jeyne.... If you can... Throw Reinhart in your part when you get him in Stonebridge and buff up his money pick up. It helps late game!!!


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