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DS3 Demo: High Praise from a long time Dungeon Siege series enthusiast.

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Indeed, I'm expecting a great story as well. Will George Ziets be able to top MOTB? I hope so.



From what I've seen (And I spoilered myself already a lot). Don't expect that. It won't go into depth as much as MOTB is but its still very good. Especially the moral ambiguity of some of the stuff impressed me.


Ahhh, that's too bad. Good to know that the story will be good, especially for an ARPG.


Yeah, I stopped myself after seeing Jeyne Kassynder in-game. :p

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If all the things we've heard so far are true; the outrage on release day will blot out the sun.
At leas we'll play in the shade! ;)



Hah! I doubt all the rumors are true... I have a hard time believing what pirates have to say. Especially without proof.
Well someone posted a screenshot of an 8 hour savegame (apparently the game auto saves at the end- the auto save was there too), but that went down with a troll thread. Whether that's proof or not... you decide.


Eh... Even if it was true, I have a tendency to take my sweet time with these kind of games... I would be surprised if I didn't spend at least 20 hours with it, heh. =)

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ARG's kind of are just "The Deep Roads" style gameplay (hack and slay) for basically the whole game.

With more diversity in enemies and tactics though. The Deep Roads consisted in fighting the same creatures we had already fought before. Diversity is the DA's franchise main weak point for me when compared to old IE games.


Your first Obsidian game?

Newcomers are so innocent :lol: .

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Even if Chris Taylor cloned himself a hundred ways & times and created DS3,4,5,6,7 - there will be those who will NEVER be satisfied.



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Also since they have the groundwork done. There is a high chance for reintegrating other things in future Dungeon Siege games they didn't have time for now.


Wow... Here's hoping that they will take a hint from Runic Games (in reference to Torchlight) and listen to what the people who enjoyed the game have to say about what they would like to see in the sequel. =)

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The advantage Runic Games had is that their entire business strategy was always about Torchlight 1 building up to Torchlight 2 (and then to the big MMO, if they're still going for that). If they had to do that with an existing franchise or something, I imagine Torchlight 1 would have got a LOT of flack. I liked it but it was a very limited game.

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