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A couple of questions I need answered please

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Hey just joined up >_<. Anyway I just would like to know would this game contain towns to visit and do things in or just going through dungeon to dungeon?


Also is there an estimated time of how long this game is overall with the sidequests and the main story?


When you play offline coop will it be exactly the same as playing single player?


Thanks in advance!

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1) Yup, there will be towns. No idea how extensive they will be as of now, but there definitely are towns.


2) I think somewhere around 25-30 hours has been said? But I don't think an official estimate has been given, so I'd wait until opinions from people that have played it fully outside of the devs come out.


3) No idea.

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Thanks for the help guys. Also what game is this most similar too? I've played games such as Torchlight, Sacred 2 and Two World 2.


A mix between Sacred 2 and Torchlight I^d tink.

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