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Stealth pack DLC?

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So, I was reading about Alpha Protocol the other day when I saw a mention of a "Steath Pack" DLC.


After looking around, I found that it was only available to people who preordered the game from Best Buy.


Question is, can this pack be unlockable by those who didn't preorder, either for free or for a price?


It's been so long since release, I don't see any reason why Obsidian couldn't provide some method of unlocking this content.

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After looking through the save file, I've found two variables that would be of interest. I'm paraphrasing here, but one is gamestop preorder status, and the other is gamecrazy preorder status. Both values are originally set at 02, I set the gamecrazy one (stealth pack) to 01 with no effect. I truly have no idea what value would unlock the content, because it is not a simple 00 and 01 off and on switch. The content is definitely there, I hope I don't have to try every variable imaginable before I find the answer.

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