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WHY: Can you NOT holster your gun?

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I took a chance on this game even with that stoooopid 'walk like a Duck' crouch walk, that is frankly the goofiest thing ive ever seen.

Too my surpirse - the opening level showed promise... I thought I could get into this even with that goofy crouch walk... Now let me see, how do I holster my gun because I look stupid with it out all the time.........................................










I have to say what the hell guys? Things like holstering my weapons is a big deal, I wanted to be a hand to hand close combat guy - now I have to be a hand to hand close combat guy who cant have bare hands cos theres a freakin gun stuck to it!


I mean can you patch this??? Is that even possible.... ?




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I agree that is pretty annoying as my first character is high martial arts. With every other rpg in history for the most part it is possible to holster or sheath one's weapons. It makes no sense that in the modern age an rpg of this king would not let you holster a weapon so you can choose to walk around with hands only especially since the game offers martial arts as a skill...



Just doesn't make any sense at all....

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If you'll pay attention, you'd see that when doing CQC Mike's hands are empty. The gun is put away when attacking at close range, and when throwing gadgets; once done the guns come back into play, easy and simple.


You CAN holster his weapons, they just won't STAY holstered. It's all about being ready for whatever can happen, and being caught without a weapon when suddenly faced by a roomful of well-armed and armored grunts does not count as being ready.

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