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Let's play Drakensang: the River of Time

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Hammerberg turns out to be a cold, snowy place at the foot of the Anvil Mountains.
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On the docks, a dwarf named Avarosh quickly addresses the party to give the rundown of the place.
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GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Tell me, who are you? What do you want? Time is gold!
URDIRIEL: We... er... we're just simple traveling merchants... This is... err... Gammlund. What's it to you?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: They call me Goldtooth and I'll tell you what it has to do with me. First, I don't tolerate competition. Second, I take care of my businesses here. And third, I tell my friends when my nose tells me something stinks. Something's not quite right about you and your cronies.
URDIRIEL: You're not different to me. People like us make our own rules, am I right?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: That's an attitude that will gain you both followers and enemies... but the rules here apply to all, understood?
URDIRIEL: What are these rules?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Differences are settled at the dueling ground. Keep your weapons sheathed anywhere else. If somebody tries to take your life, defend yourself. But no vendettas and no complaining. Any questions?
URDIRIEL: I think I can manage that.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Do you like waiting in the reeds?
URDIRIEL: Huh? Do I like what... where? ...Is that some kind of euphemism? Well... err... I'd really just like to know whether you saw a red-haired woman.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: I see... I can't tell you anything about that.
CANO: [Human Nature] You don't know anything? Or are you not allowed to tell us anything?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: [Success] Yes, yes, you're right. Hookensang brought a woman with him a while ago... but you'll have to look for the Captain yourself. He hasn't shown his face for a while.
URDIRIEL: It's this woman I'm looking for. Where can I find her?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: I see... You want to talk to Thunderfist! But I'm afraid I must disappoint you... we don't let just anybody do that.
URDIRIEL: What do I have to do?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: You can only meet Thunderfist if you have enough people vouch for you. Not just anybody, of course... people with a certain amount of influences. Like me.
URDIRIEL: I see... and who has influence here?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: The Council members. Apart from me, there's "Irontaste", "Widowfriend", "Hookensang" and "Bardshock"... Hehe, but I doubt you'll be able to get their agreement.
URDIRIEL: I need to know more about the Council members.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Yes, yes, but you won't manage it anyway... hehe... who would you like to know about?
URDIRIEL: What about you, "Goldtooth"?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Aye, Avaroth, son of Gramtax is my name. And my tooth isn't all the gold I have either, hehe. I mine precious metals in the delving and I run all kinds of other lucrative businesses.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Loans, for example, at interest of course. That reminds me... I need someone to call in a few debts for me. It seems to me, you want to get on my good side, don't you?
URDIRIEL: You're right.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Yes, yes. Then make yourself useful! Those who don't make their payments get a visit, understand? Will you take care of it?
URDIRIEL: Who do you want me to visit?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: The first is "Growler" Bodo, a dog breeder. You'll find him near the back harbor. He's stubborn as a mule, that one! Threats of violence don't work on him... and don't call him Growler.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: The second one is Radomir, the "Tavern King". I'll give you three guesses where you can find him. A tricky fellow! Don't let him fool you. And then there's Zira, our tender "Snow White". She hangs around behind the tavern fluttering her eyelashes and waiting for business. Heh, yes, yes!
URDIRIEL: Is that all? As you said earlier, time is gold!
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: And I'm losing gold as we speak! Growler Bodo owes me 12 ducats, Radomir owes me 11 ducats, and Snow White owes me 8 ducats. That's 31 ducats in total. Any questions?
URDIRIEL: Tell me about "Irontaste".
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Phewin Soorman is a dangerous man. Aye! He got into the banditry business early in life. First coaches, then ships... who knows what else! The only thing that's certain is that you won't have much fun speaking with him. He spends a lot of time doing business deals in the tavern.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: First you must speak with his bosun - a stinking Blackfur, hehe. I wonder if you'll survive that? Aye... we shall see!
URDIRIEL: Tell me about "Widowfriend".
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Rumpo Berchbold. A man who made it from common mercenary to captain... how did he do it? Aye, I'd like to know that. He's usually over at the back pier, that show-off. Ask him yourself, hehe.
URDIRIEL: Tell me about "Bardshock".
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Hehe, Jadira Cruento is a Zahori. You know... the traveling people. She took over the booze house after they strung up the old innkeeper here. Now they all dance to her tune down there.
URDIRIEL: Tell me about "Hookensang".
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Ahh, our very own nobility, Timorn of Stoneground. But he'll soon be residing on a stony riverbed if he's not careful, hehe. You can still find him in the tavern.

On their way from the docks, the party bumps into an old friend.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN BURGESS: Hey! You there! You're the one I gave a good beating!
URDIRIEL: I remember. You came up behind me and knocked me down right at the beginning of this adventure!
CAPTAIN BURGESS: I hate you! Everything went wrong in my life after I gave you that beating.
URDIRIEL: Tell me what happened, I'm curious.
CAPTAIN BURGESS: I ran off when your cronies stuck their noses in. In the rush to escape, my ship floundered on one of the greatest rocks. I barely made it back here on the ship's tiny lifeboat. Most of my people went down with the ship. Worst of all, before all this happened I had a chance of getting on the Council! Now that Hookensang sits there instead of me! It's all your fault!
URDIRIEL: At least I don't need your vote.
CAPTAIN BURGESS: I don't care about that. I feel like giving you another bump on the head for everything that's happened because of you and your cronies.

Unfortunately for him, Captain Burgess gets trounced badly and whimpers off. Revenge is sweet.
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NEXT: various tasks for the Council.




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The party finds "Snow Rose", the first of the three that owe Goldtooth Avarosh money, near the exit gate.
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SNOW ROSE: Who are you? Competition or adventurers?
URDIRIEL: Competition? I earn my money in different ways.
SNOW ROSE: Pleased to hear it. In that case, we won't get in each other's way.
URDIRIEL: Avarosh sent me. It's about your debts.
SNOW ROSE: Ohhh, good old Avarosh. But I already told him I don't have his money.
CANO: [Seduce] Oh! You disappoint me, good lady. How can a lady of your class be indebted to a ruffian like Avarosh? With your Rahja-given looks, I'm sure you don't need it!
SNOW ROSE: Sweet thing, what pretty words. You certainly know how to talk to a lady like me. Hmm... and those big brown eyes. Here, take the money and come back again soon.
URDIRIEL: Avarosh will be pleased and you'll be left in peace at last.

The next person in debt, Yapper Bodo, is with his dogs behind the tavern.
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YAPPER BODO: I suppose you want to buy a dog? Well you can forget that. They're all reserved.
URDIRIEL: You owe money to Avarosh. I am here to collect.
YAPPER BODO: He can wait until I've sold this litter here. Then he can have his ducats. Tell him that!
ARDO: Tell me, are all your dogs pure-bred Grimmtooth Bull Terriers? I've rarely seen such splendid specimens. They respond well to a little praise when they do something right.
YAPPER BODO: What? A true expert! Are you also a breeder? Here, take the money. I won't deny a fellow dog-lover.
URDIRIEL: You have spared me a deal of trouble. Thank you.
YAPPER BODO: I know Avarosh won't leave me in peace until I pay and you seem to be alright, even though you're a stranger here.

Not far from Yapper Bodo on the dock is Captain Rumpo, aka "Widowfriend", who despite his hideous looks is strange alluring to the opposite sex...
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CAPTAIN RUMPO: What glorious creature approaches? Your aspect alone entrances me. Pray, let me hear your voice.
URDIRIEL: Err... what? You are ... ? I... errm...
CAPTAIN RUMPO: Such power in your words! How gladly would I pit my strength against yours until we both reclined exhausted.
URDIRIEL: Mind your mouth. I could challenge you in another discipline that might not be so pleasant for you.
CAPTAIN RUMPO: I like strong women. ... Oh, that reminds me of my problem.
URDIRIEL: I knew you had a problem.
CAPTAIN RUMPO: You're just in time to help me out of a difficult situation, should you be so disposed.
JAAKON: [Human Nature] Such educated discourse and unkempt appearance are rare companions. Something's wrong here.
CAPTAIN RUMPO: There is no need to whisper. Speak openly!
URDIRIEL: Well, I could help you, if only you would give me your vote in return. I want to meet with your leader.
CAPTAIN RUMPO: I would be pleased to do so, but first I would ask that you help me.
URDIRIEL: Then pray tell how awkward your predicament is.
CAPTAIN RUMPO: I trust you will handle the following information discreetly. I trust that I will not have to ask Master Farfara here to deal with any problems that might arise from your actions.
URDIRIEL: Of course!
CAPTAIN RUMPO: I recently forgot my snuff box during a secret tryst with the barmaid in her chamber under the tavern. There is now a danger that her sweetheart will find it and make an unfortunate inference to my person.
URDIRIEL: What's the problem with getting back a snuff box?
CAPTAIN RUMPO: Leti's sweetheart is Captain Irontaste. He has been spending a lot of time conducting his business from the tavern recently. I'm sure you appreciate my problem?
URDIRIEL: I'm not stupid. So we have a deal?
CAPTAIN RUMPO: Naturally, I would be most grateful if you could retrieve the snuff box as quickly as possible. I presume... I can trust in the good impression you have made on me!
URDIRIEL: Growler Bodo is right by the back exit. One false move and the dogs will bark down the whole village.
CAPTAIN RUMPO: How could I forget the dog breeder? Forgive me! Well, Alrico tricked him once by telling him he was taking a crate of Stonesoftener to the cellar for Jadira.
URDIRIEL: And was he succesful?
CAPTAIN RUMPO: It's a strong Dwarf schnapps from Angbar. Bodo and Hookensang are the only ones here who drink the stuff - for good reason.
URDIRIEL: Why don't you use that pretext yourself?
CAPTAIN RUMPO: Bodo recently found out that somebody gave his dogs a sleeping potion. I don't want him to suspect me. You're new here, so he won't consider you.
URDIRIEL: Alrigh then, I will try Alrico's trick.

Once inside the tavern tavern basement, it appears the barmaid is still in her room. However, she soon leaves for the bathroom, enabling Urdiriel to sneak into the room and look for Rumpo's snuff box.
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Strangely enough, there are two snuff boxes lying around...

Returning the snuff boxes to Rumpo, he will identify the correct one. However, he still has a second task before granting his vote: cheering up his bosun, Alrico Farfara.
Posted Image
ALRICO FARFARA: Who... ah, what a warm sight in this cold wilderness. Allow me to introduce myself. Alrico Farfara, a son of Grangor, the fairest city of Fairfield.
ARDO: Greetings, noble Alrico Farfara. I am Ardo of Boar... err Ardo, a merchant of the Middenrealm.
CANO: My name is Cano ui Benadin of the fairest city in Albernia, the beautiful Havena. I spend so much time surrounded by these ruffians, it's wonderful to meet a nobleman.
JAAKON: Jaakon Zagor, guild mage of Festum.
ALRICO FARFARA: And to whom else do I owe the honor?
URDIRIEL: Err... Urdiriel Teardream is my name.
ALRICO FARFARA: My lady, the pleasure is all mine. And how can Alrico Farfara help you?
URDIRIEL: Your captain is worried about you. He wants me to help you and cheer you up.
ALRICO FARFARA: Oh, I had just forgotten the shame that fills my heart with grief. But you bring me hope, if the captain thinks that you might be able to retrieve the thing most precious to me above all others.
URDIRIEL: What exactly is the problem?
ALRICO FARFARA: It is my rapier, a noble weapon made of the finest steel, fashioned by the best smiths in Grangor. It is a family heirloom that has been with the Farfaras since time immemorial. Stolen by a worthy servant of the notorious Soorman...
CANO: [Human Nature] Hmm, go on, noble Alrico. [I shouldn't let him beguile me. He has a silver tongue.]
ALRICO FARFARA: Well, I have tried everything to retrieve my rapier, but the fellow just won't give it back. Either I must spill blood or live with the eternal humiliation and shame.
URDIRIEL: I could try talking with the thief. Where can I find him?
ALRICO FARFARA: Wonderful! Maybe you will be able to take back what is mine from that blockhead. But you should know he's a mean customer and he has like-minded friends. You'll find him with his cronies at the dueling ground.

Posted Image
At the dueling ground, Alrico's task can be elegantly solved by letting Cano pickpocket the rapier off the thugs' leader.

Posted Image
After Alrico has his rapier back, Rumpo's vote is ours. Four to go.




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The party heads into the tavern, The Captain's Wheel, where the pirate leaders Hookensang, Bardshock and Irontaste are.

Since the party had good dealings with Hookensang in the recent past, Urdiriel goes to speak with him first.
Posted Image
HOOKENSANG: By the Twelfgods! Ethra is small indeed! I am most pleased to see a familiar face. What brings you here?
URDIRIEL: I am searching for someone, and therefore need to see Thunderfist. Can I can count on your vote?
HOOKENSANG: You helped me get the Elven puff. Of course I will help you! However, I fear my vote does not count for much around here.
URDIRIEL: Why not? You're a Captain on the council, aren't you?
HOOKENSANG: I urgently need help against a person who is trying to discredit my leadership. Otherwise the crew will refuse to guide my ship to safe harbors.
URDIRIEL: Let me guess... your first mate?
HOOKENSANG: He accuses me of personal profit at the expense of the crew. After meeting with the sponsor of our last mission, the share of the loot to be distributed to the crew went missing.
URDIRIEL: Do you think he's the thief?
HOOKENSANG: Judge for yourself. He's just over there splashing out on expensive liquor. His very presence here is a mockery because every time he toasts me he also spreads his lies.
URDIRIEL: Maybe I should listen to his "lies"... over a few drinks.
HOOKENSANG: I trust in your discretion. Be advised, you will be at a disadvantage when drinking with him. Unless... you buy him something a little stronger. Prem Fire, for example!
URDIRIEL: That's a good tip. I'll deal with him.
HOOKENSANG: I thank you - once again. Your helpful attitude will not go unrewarded.

Urdiriel follows Hookensang's advice and drives the first mate, Matt Bravethorn, drunk. Following the drunken Bravethorn outside leads the party to the graveyard, where Bravethorn hid the pirate loot.
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Posted Image
Driving off Bravethorn and returning the loot to Hookensang grants him his vote. Three to go.

Next, Urdiriel returns to the tavern to speak with Innkeeper Jadira, aka "Bardshock"... and find the Tavern King, the third person who owes Goldtooth some ducats.
Posted Image
JADIRA: A new face! Just call me Jadira and feel free to talk to me any time.
URDIRIEL: Your name sounds so exotic. Where are you from, Jadira?
JADIRA: I'm a true Zahori, my people are a traveling people with fire in their blood. This is why I traveled the land when I was young. I stayed nowhere for longer than a month and had many adventures. Sometimes I worked as a camp follower or I sang and I danced.
JADIRA: Then I met Rumpo and followed him here. The old innkeeper had just died so I took over the business. Now they play the music that I want to hear.
URDIRIEL: I'm looking for Radomir, the Tavern King. Is he here?
JADIRA: Radomir? That drunken dog is bound to be here soon. Why not keep me company until then.
URDIRIEL: Jadira, you're on the Captain's Council. I...
JADIRA: ... you need my vote, I presume. You'll get it, but first I want see if you're too fancy for a little job. I can't stand people who can't get stuck in.
JADIRA: Go to the distillery just outside the village and ask the lazy dog there where my delivery is. Get him to hurry up and bring the schnapps right over. Do that and you'll get my vote.
URDIRIEL: A simple errand... I understand.

After speaking with Jadira, the Tavern King will come waltzing in.
Posted Image

Posted Image
RADOMIR: Hmmm... who're you? Tavern King wants to drink!
URDIRIEL: Avarosh wants his money back.
RADOMIR: Avarosh Greedy Pockets? He can wait. Not the only one I owe money. An' now I need a drink.
URDIRIEL: Pay up first before you drink all your money!
RADOMIR: Not a chance. Now leave me in peace.
CANO: [Fast Talk] Avarosh said this is your last chance to pay up. Otherwise, he wants to settle the matter differently.
RADOMIR: [Success] Oh, did he! Then I'm lucky you're such a peashful fellow.
URDIRIEL: I'm glad we understand one another.
RADOMIR: Here's the money. Now let me dr...drink in peace. Regards to Avarosh Greedy Pockets.

Now, after getting hold of the 31 ducats of owed debt, the party returns to Avarosh. But of course, the little pest still has another job to do before granting his vote.
Posted Image
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Yes, yes. Here comes my lackey... well? Did you call in all the debts for me?
URDIRIEL: I got your 31 ducats. It was child's play.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Child's play? Yes, yes... well you're not getting my vote for child's play. You knew that, right? Hehehe!
URDIRIEL: Yes. How do you intend to further exploit my predicament?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: I'm told my mine is haunted and work has ground to a halt. Get my Dwarves delving again, yes?
URDIRIEL: You haven't told me where the delving is.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Over the bridge and then right. Not left, got that? I'll put a nice big cross on your map in case that's too much for you to handle. There, hehe.
URDIRIEL: What exactly is haunting the delving?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: If I knew that, I wouldn't have to send anyone, would I? Must I explain everything to you? Go on, time is gold... how many times do I have to I tell you?
URDIRIEL: Alright, I'll help you one last time.

Before heading to the delving, the party leaves through the town gate to fetch the booze for Jadira. They also come upon Soorman's bosun Ork just outside the gate.
Posted Image
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Tarock, stranger! You want leave village?
URDIRIEL: Yes! Are you Soorman's Bosun Ork? I have to come to you first if I want to speak to him? Right?
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Zutar! Great ship Ork of Captain Irontaste! You careful, lots! Say me 'Blackfur' and I make crunch on you!
URDIRIEL: Soorman? I need his vote. Can you help me?
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Goar woahl, you smart! No-one bother captain. Orders!
URDIRIEL: How can I convince you to let me speak with the Captain?
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Har har, you smart enough - you come when work to do. Get Baruckas like little Redpelt here. They gone! Can always get new ones. But I want make crunch, teach others not leave!
URDIRIEL: What? What are you talking about? I don't understand a word.
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Want crunch leader of runaways. Then other Redpelts know... not good run away. Bring me leader! Then you go Irontaste, Kaya!
URDIRIEL: Sounds mean, but I'll do it.
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Katwar! Haha, and you go quick south. Soorman clever. So you better go quick, if you want talk Captain.
JAAKON: If I understood him correctly, he said we should go south. We should hurry before his men beat us to it. What a bizarre way of speaking...

Near the distillery, it soon becomes apparent why Jadira didn't receive her delivery. Trolls again...
Posted Image
DISTILLER: Help me! Please help me!
URDIRIEL: What happened?
DISTILLER: It's terrible! These trolls just turned up... wanted sugar, anything sweet. They smelled the alcohol and tried it. Now they're smashing the place up looking for something sweet to eat. Get rid of the trolls! Otherwise they'll tear my hut apart too.
URDIRIEL: I'll deal with it.

There's a choice between either fighting or outwitting the Trolls.
Posted Image
ERGAMACK: Sweet powder! We want mooore!
CANO: [Fast Talk] You were too greedy! You ate and drank everything too quickly. Now the 'Sweet powder spring' has run out.
ERGAMACK: [Success] Oh no! That's bad! No more sweet powder? Never? Baaaad.
URDIRIEL: Never again! Unfortunately!
ERGAMACK: Oh no! Come! We get bee nests now. They grow back.

After driving off the Trolls, the distiller grants the party with what remains of the booze... one bottle of schnapps.

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On their way back to the tavern, the party goes to look for the runaway Goblins for Soorman's Ork. To the south of the city, they come upon a lone Goblin hiding in the bushes.
Posted Image

Posted Image
YOBBO: Hey! You look Goblins run off?
URDIRIEL: Maybe. Are you one of them?
YOBBO: No, no. But know where runoff Goblins go. I tell and you give reward?
URDIRIEL: Tell me! I'll check. If it's true, you'll get your reward from the Bosun Ork.
YOBBO: Ohoh, Bosun Ork baaaaad! But if he give reward, then I tell you. High behind hill... there shaman and other Goblins. Her fault!
YOBBO: Reshamama is shaman and help run off! She not dumb like other Goblins. I wait here and come with you later for reward.
URDIRIEL: Just up the hill... we'll see.

Following Yobbo's directions, the party soon finds the runaways. Killing them is not necessary, however.
Posted Image

Posted Image
RESHAMAMA: Hello, do you wish us ill? If not, begone!
URDIRIEL: Are you one of the escaped Goblins?
RESHAMAMA: By Weruuul and Kaysetoost! I knew you would come, river man. But we will fight.
URDIRIEL: I'm not one of the pirates from round here. But I'm looking for the ones in charge. Who helped the Goblins escape?
RESHAMAMA: I, Reshamama! Will you kill me now? I won't surrender!
URDIRIEL: I have an idea. I met a Goblin not far from here who told me we would find the escaped Goblins here.
RESHAMAMA: Must be Yobbo. Wretched traitor!
URDIRIEL: Fine, they want a guilty Goblin. We'll give them Yobbo the traitor. What do you think?
RESHAMAMA: Your suggestion is good. I will disappear with my Goblins and you take Yobbo the Traitor to the Ork. I thank you. You are wise... wise like Reshamama. Take my staff in thanks!
URDIRIEL: Thank you, Reshamama! Good luck... and hurry! They're already looking for you.

The party then returns to the bosun Ork and betrays the traitor.
Posted Image
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Ahguoar! Haha, you have mangy Redpelt.
CANO: [Fast Talk] Yes, this is him!
YOBBO: You lieeee! I help Zutar and tell on other Goblins. Pleeeasse no crunch with me. Ohohohoh...
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: [Success] Shut up, you fish food now. But I can make very long crunch with you. So be quiet!
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Guoarta! Go to Irontaste, he will hear you now. From now Zutar and Irontaste sometimes maybe like you.

The party returns to the inn to give the bottle of schnapps to Jadira. After obtaining her vote, she also has a new task for the party.
Posted Image
URDIRIEL: Here's the schnapps. Onl one barrel, unfortunately...
JADIRA: What? I expect there's a good reason for this... hmm?
URDIRIEL: A couple of Trolls have wrecked the distillery and drunk the schnaps. I drove them off. The distiller is ok, and I thought I'd bring the rest of the schnaps.
JADIRA: Well done. You're not afraid to act. I like that. You'll get my vote on the Council and plenty of free beer to wash away the smell of troll.
URDIRIEL: Maybe I can help you, since you made it so easy to get your vote.
JADIRA: You are a darling! Maybe you can... I have some business with Rumpo that makes me so sad. *sigh*
URDIRIEL: The Captain? Rumpo Widowfriend?
JADIRA: Don't call him that. He got that name because of his boastful talk. He used to be so different. He was rough and ready, he spoke his mind.
URDIRIEL: Used to? Jadira... you and Rumpo? You were a couple?
JADIRA: Yes. *sigh*... Then he went out raiding and came back a changed man. The old Perchbold had turned into that foppish widow-chaser. I just don't like him any more. I want the old, crude, ugly but honest Rumpo!
URDIRIEL: Do you want me to talk to Rumpo?
JADIRA: Absolutely not! I already spoke with Sanraya the Elf. She's going to brew me a potion. She just needs a lock of hair from Rumpo's head. Maybe you can get it and take it to Sanraya?
URDIRIEL: I'll see what I can do.

In the meantime, Urdiriel takes the time to talk to Soorman.
Posted Image

Soorman has a personal grudge against Elves for some reason.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Bah! Another long-ear? I want nothing to do with you!
URDIRIEL: Zutar said you would listen to me.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Oh really? A pointy-ear wants me to speak for them. Hmhmm.
URDIRIEL: This is an important matter for me. I'm looking for a woman...
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: So you're looking for a woman... and I'm neither a pimp nor a private investigator.
URDIRIEL: What do you mean?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: What do I mean? Hmhmm.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: You may be able to win the other Council members' votes. But you will still need my vote. I'm the most important man here. Now get away from me.

Captain Soorman wants to stress his authority by being the last pirate captain to grant his vote... thus forcing Urdiriel to finish Goldtooth's task at the Dwarven delving first.

Outside, "Snow rose" can reveal why Soorman hates Elves.
Posted Image
SNOW ROSE: I'm not here to have a chat. Although I can see myself enjoying a little Rahja worship with you, honey...
URDIRIEL: Rahja worship? What do you mean? I just want to talk to you.
SNOW ROSE: Well, you can talk all you like... as long as you pay! 2 ducats and I'll tell you some really interesting things about the village.
URDIRIEL: It sounds like someone wants their money back. Alright then, here are your ducats.
SNOW ROSE: Alright then, listen up! It's a secret, but Soorman once tried to rob an Elven coach in Farindel Woods and was held prisoner in Spriteland for ten years. That's why he's so scared of the supernatural.

Keeping in mind Jadira's second task, Urdiriel returns to Captain Rumpo. However, this task can be solved without obtaining a lock of his (greasy) hair.
Posted Image
JAAKON: [Arcane Lore] It's almost as if some enchantment is at work here...
CAPTAIN RUMPO: What do you mean? Surely, you jest. Unless, of course, you mean the ladies. They're all enchanted with me.
JAAKON: [Arcane Lore] This ring, is truly enchanting...
CAPTAIN RUMPO: There's no reason to look so embarrassed. Do not fear, I take no umbrage at your comment.
CANO: [Pick Pockets] You have such strong hands. Please show me... what impressive calluses! [Try to steal Rumpo's ring]
CAPTAIN RUMPO: [Success] Yeah, I got a good grip. Wanna feel? Burp! Oops... hehehe!

Stealing Rumpo's ring removes his magical attraction and ends Jadira's task.




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Past the drawbridge, on their way to the Dwarven delving, the party meets Sanraya, Alari Springborn's lost sister.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
SANRAYA: Hey, you! I don't know you yet!
JAAKON: That is correct. But I would still venture to ask what such a beautif... errm what an Elven woman is doing... oh, I haven't even introduced myself... Jaakon Zagor is my name...
SANRAYA: There's no cause for concern, dear Jaakon. I'm here because it suits me. And you? I have only seen one kind of magician here and she is not known for her openness.
JAAKON: I have nothing to do with that magician. In fact, quite the contrary, I...
JAAKON: ... oh... well, perhaps we will have the opportunity to speak later on. We must now continue on our secret quest...
SANRAYA: Do tell. What are you doing here?
URDIRIEL: I would like to ask you something.
SANRAYA: Ask and learn! I also sell herbs and various things I have gathered on my travels.
URDIRIEL: Are you Sanraya of the Storm Sentinel tribe? Alari is worried about her sister.
SANRAYA: Alari Springborn? Ahh, I miss her too. But this life would not be for her and I will not return to the say'dhaba.
URDIRIEL: You are so certain of that, although you only recently left your tribe?
SANRAYA: Elves grow as old as the trees, but for Humans seven years is a long time. There are so many stories in this place! You know, everybody came here to be free.
URDIRIEL: Why did you leave the forests of your home?
SANRAYA: The song of the tribe was filled with disharmony because I wanted to see more... and that is what I have done since I left the tribe. You can understand that yearning, can't you? You too are far from your tribe.
URDIRIEL: Yes, but do you never intend to return? Do you think that your tribe would not take you back?
SANRAYA: I may be closer to badoc, but that is no loss. I gain because I understand so much more! I feel another, more powerful creature within me ever since I lost my iama.
URDIRIEL: You lost your instrument? How?
SANRAYA: On my travels I came upon a wondrous cave. I saw a sparkling in its depths. But as I approached, a scaly creature full of anger and greed arose from the waters!
URDIRIEL: A greedy, scaled creature? Something like a Water Dragon, perhaps...
SANRAYA: Fear possessed me and I fled... I did not notice that I dropped my harp. I tried to make another, but... I can show you where it happened on your map.

Hence, Sanraya put the location of the Water Dragon on our map. She is also a merchant who sells a lot of powerful equipment and alchemical ingredients, including the final ingredient needed to craft the Perfect soul bow.
Posted Image

Just the party approaches the Dwarven delving, a distraught Dwarf comes running out.
Posted Image

Posted Image
MERCHANT UNGRAM: Take care! Do not enter the delving! It could end horribly!
URDIRIEL: Calm down! That's exactly why Avarosh sent me. Tell me what's wrong.
MERCHANT UNGRAM: A crazy Bosnickel has run amok in the delving. Anyone stupid enough not to leave the mine gets turned into stone.
URDIRIEL: What's a Bosnickel?
MERCHANT UNGRAM: You don't know what a Bosnickel is? A nasty Leprechaun with a thing for metal, that's what. It turns things into stone and changes gold into worthless fool's gold.
URDIRIEL: Tell me more about the Bosnickel.
MERCHANT UNGRAM: He turned up in the delving a few days ago. He started with practical jokes, trying to get us to leave. Things got worse and worse until Avarosh ordered us to catch him and silence him.
URDIRIEL: And that didn't work?
MERCHANT UNGRAM: Of course not! The Bosnickel was powerful. Much too powerful. He turned all my friends to stone. He got to me last. Instead of turning me to stone, he just giggled.
URDIRIEL: Why did he spare you?
MERCHANT UNGRAM: He said I was lucky. And then he babbled something like: "Fiddlesticks and poppy****, not again! Only four letters in my name. Can't turn you into stone, I've already made four statues."
URDIRIEL: This story gets stranger and stranger.
MERCHANT UNGRAM: True. Maybe it had something to do with his name. I heard you can drive them off if you learn their name. But that's just a legend.
URDIRIEL: Well, it's better than nothing.
MERCHANT UNGRAM: Finding out his name to drive him out is one thing, but please try to turn my four friends back.
JAAKON: [Arcane Lore] A "Break Enchantment" spell might work.
MERCHANT UNGRAM: Maybe you could ask the elf down at the riverbanks. She lives in a house on stilts and seems to know a little about magic.
URDIRIEL: Do you have any idea why the Bosnickel singled you out?
MERCHANT UNGRAM: Well ... err. No... well, maybe... the delving borders on Norgamashzrom.
URDIRIEL: Norgamaschrum ... zrom? What's that?
MERCHANT UNGRAM: Norgamashzrom. An ancient Dwarven delving, deserted long ago.
CANO: [Human Nature] You're keeping a secret! How am I supposed to help you if you won't help me?
MERCHANT UNGRAM: You're right. Forgive me. It is forbidden to seek Norgamashzrom. King Arombolosh must have a reason for his decree.
URDIRIEL: Wait out here! I'll deal with it.

Inside the delving, it doesn't take long before the Bosnickel shows himself.
Posted Image

Soon, the party finds the first stone Dwarf and the Bosnickel appears again.
Posted Image
BOSNICKEL: Heeheehee, and another player takes the stage. Unwelcome and uninvited.
URDIRIEL: Who are you?
BOSNICKEL: Heeheehee... I'm the all-singing, all-dancing Bosnickel! Your worst nightmare!
URDIRIEL: Haha, you're not my worst nightmare at all.
BOSNICKEL: I have a warning, heehee.
URDIRIEL: A warning? About what?
BOSNICKEL: A warning of the secrets of the delving. Do you see this next to me? This shapeless pile of rocks? This was once a Dwarf. I turned him into stone! He will delve no more! Heehee, but who are you? And what do you want?
URDIRIEL: Why are you doing all this?
BOSNICKEL: I'm not telling. I warned you, didn't I? Isn't that enough?
URDIRIEL: Avarosh sent me. I'm here to get things running properly again!
BOSNICKEL: Oh, not good. But games are in my nature, so I say: will you play a game with me?
URDIRIEL: What game?
BOSNICKEL: I'm not telling. First you must say yes, heehee.
BOSNICKEL: Here's the game: Questions and answers, we will play. If you win, you get my name and can command me. The Dwarves I'll turn back too. But you will not win... heeheehee.
URDIRIEL: Good, let us begin.
BOSNICKEL: Tatatada! Let the show begin. Clear the stage for the riddle master!
BOSNICKEL: On myyyy leeeft! One of those pint-sized surly Dwarves. If you guess right, I'll turn him back and he'll whisper one letter of my name to you. Guess wrong and you'll have to do it yourself to get my name.
URDIRIEL: Please get to the point.
BOSNICKEL: Quiet please! I'm about to tell you the rules Listen well!
BOSNICKEL: 1. Only you can answer. 2. You must answer immediately. 3. You can ask one companion only once. 4. You can buy one answer with rat tails. 5. You may lock out two wrong answers once. Understand?
BOSNICKEL: What is a popular Aventurian woman's name beginning with N.

A) Alrik B) Lena C) Cella D) Niame
BOSNICKEL: Right! You win. My bearded helper will now give you your reward.

Thus, we get our first letter of the Bosnickel's name.
Posted Image

The other stone Dwarves are located deeper into the Delving.
Posted Image

NEXT UPDATE: getting the final votes.




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After locating the second stone dwarf, Urdiriel gives the wrong answer to the Bosnickel's question in order to get teleported and gain access to a hidden treasure chest.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Even after giving the wrong answer, the stone Dwarves can still be easily saved by using the "Break Enchantment" spell. But answering questions correctly gives more experience.
Posted Image

Second letter: "O".
Posted Image

The third Dwarf is near a flooded hallway.
Posted Image

After answering the Bosnickel's question ("What is the longest river in Aventuria?") we get the third letter, "G".
Posted Image

And finally, the fourth Dwarf and the final letter, "O".
Posted Image

Posted Image

Now, the Bosnickel can be banished. The party finds him in the deepest part of the delving.
Posted Image

Posted Image
BOSNICKEL: Who's that crashing about like a heffalump? Now I have to sing my rock to sleep again!
BOSNICKEL: What? Here already?! And crashing around like a heffalump! I didn't expect that. Rules are rules. Now my final question: What's my name?
URDIRIEL: Are you Dave? Or Kevin? No. How about NOGO?
BOSNICKEL: What? How? I don't believe it! You tricked me. Just like my cousin Rumplestiltskin. So be it. My vanquisher, command me!
URDIRIEL: Listen! Leave this delving.
BOSNICKEL: Today is different, this isn't the last you've seen of me... If you're greedy, look in the crate at the back. Be warned! Avarosh is the greediest of them all. He will find only corruption where he seeks.




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After all the hard work, the party returns to Avarosh to finally obtain his vote. Now only Soorman's vote is left.
Posted Image
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: That took a cursed long time, by Phex! Did you take care of everything?
URDIRIEL: I met a Leprechaun in your delving, but I managed to drive him away.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Good, good! those Leprechauns are a terrible plague! I'll hire some more Dwarves to make up for the lost time, yes!
URDIRIEL: Do I finally have your vote now?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Yes, yes, if you wish. But now I must take care of the delving.
URDIRIEL: Could there be a reason for the Leprechaun's actions?
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Errm... sure. The reason is... Leprechauns are malicious, snot-nosed little pests who just like to cause trouble.
URDIRIEL: You shouldn't be digging in that delving, Avarosh.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Bah! Old ghost stories! Just as stupid as all that talk about the River Father. The only thing I believe in is hard, shiny, jingling cash. Here, take a little for your trouble and forget the whole thing.
URDIRIEL: I'll leave it to your conscience.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Hehe, you're talking to the wrong Dwarf there. I don't go in for all that Praios-like prattle, understand?
URDIRIEL: Whatever you say.

At any rate, it is time to return to Soorman and see what task he will have.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Your people are vermin. Didn't I send you away already?
URDIRIEL: I understand you don't seem to like Elves.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: You understand? What do you understand? Shut your mouth if you don't know what you're talking about.
URDIRIEL: I haven't even said what I want.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: The last vote so you can finally meet Thunderfist?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: You won't get my vote for a personal favor. I need more than that. The question is: 'Can I trust you?'
URDIRIEL: How do you intend to find out?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Take this letter to my friend. He owes me a share of the loot from his last raid. Give him this letter with my instructions unopened.
URDIRIEL: Is that all?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: The man is called Big Nose Barnabas. His place is in the woods east of here. ... Meet me back here with the loot. Nice and easy, hmm?
URDIRIEL: Just as you say. I'll be back.

Outside the tavern, Urdiriel decides to open the letter anyway. The message is rather unexpected.
Posted Image

However, the situation can be turned to our hand by pulling a little "Phexcapade". Behind one of the houses are two ruffians called Bragan and Jorgen that can help us.
Posted Image

Posted Image
CANO: [Streetwise] I'm starting to think you provide special scribe skills at a price.
BRAGAN: But what Praios doesn't know brings in the dough... right?
JORGEN: Do you do fake sayings now as well as coins and letters? It's 'What Praios doesn't know, won't melt the snow.'
BRAGAN: Praios is the Sun God, you Goblin fart! Why would he worry about the snow?
JORGEN: And why would... oh, I give up... I just know I'm cold. And the 'wisdom' of Praios is more likely to burn witches at the stake these days.
URDIRIEL: Hmm, very informative. So you're a forger.
BRAGAN: The penny has dropped, has it? Would you like to avail yourself of my services?
URDIRIEL: I need a letter with this handwriting, but with a different message.
BRAGAN: Let me see. Hmm. Changing this message would be a worth a lot to you, wouldn't it? What do you want it to say?
URDIRIEL: "Give the bearer of this message the loot and all your gold!"
BRAGAN: I'll do it for 10 ducats.
URDIRIEL: Deal. Do it!

With the faked document in hand, the party heads to Barnabas' farm. The ploy works like a charm.
Posted Image
ZEKE BARNABAS: Hmm...? Are you lost...?
URDIRIEL: This is a letter from Captain Soorman.
ZEKE BARNABAS: Soorman? But we had an agreement...
URDIRIEL: Hmm, aha... Loot and all your gold... I see. [reads quietly]
ZEKE BARNABAS: Phew, I'm relieved that we're quits. Here, take it.

Returning to Soorman, he doesn't seem to be in the least surprised when the party shows up with the loot.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Did you take my message to Big Nose Barnabas?
URDIRIEL: Here's the loot. Or did you think I wouldn't manage it?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Hmhm, you have exceeded my expectations.
URDIRIEL: The errand wasn't exactly what I was expecting either.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: I think you get to know people best when you surprise them.
URDIRIEL: So do I get your vote now?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: My vote? Do I look like Arella the river mermaid? Do I have shells on my chest or the tail of a fish? Hmm?
URDIRIEL: Err, what? No, but...
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Listen to me. If you want to see your friend again, then do exactly as I tell you.
URDIRIEL: Another errand before I get to meet Thunderfist?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Hmm, no. Thunderfist is too stubborn to tell you where you'll find the red-head. I, on the other hand, can help you if you help me.
URDIRIEL: You want to go behind your leader's back?
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: More than that. I want to be the leader. And you will kill Thunderfist for me.
URDIRIEL: Kill? That's a suicide mission!
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: There are enough people ready to help me seize power. As soon as you attack, they will fight by your side.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Should you decide to speak of my plans to anybody else, then Golgari's wings will be the next thing you hear after the screams of your friends.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: So you know there is only one right answer to my question. Will you do it?
URDIRIEL: No. If you think you can use me for your purposes, you're badly mistaken.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Oh really? Very well. Take the eastern path through the woods to the gate. I will tell the guards to let you pass through the cave. Think hard about what your friend's life is worth to you. Hmhmm.

Outside, the party is suddenly approached by Leti the barmaid.
Posted Image
BARMAID LETI: Wait! I... I heard. I heard everything.
URDIRIEL: Calm down and start again from the beginning.
BARMAID LETI: He wants to force you to kill Thunderfist? You mustn't do it! ... I feel so bad.
URDIRIEL: Why do you feel bad?
BARMAID LETI: Because I helped him too! But I didn't know his intentions! I don't want them all to kill each other...
URDIRIEL: But you know one of them will have to lose, don't you?
BARMAID LETI: *bursts into tears*...! But I don't want to live with a murderer. What if he has you killed too? I couldn't stand it!
ARDO: Poor girl. That rogue has no scruples whatsoever. It's good that you have seen his true face.
CANO: A clever man considers all his options. Come, my dear. A pretty girl like you shouldn't cry. You should sparkle like a star!
JAAKON: Soorman has already tried to lure us into a trap once before. We should take care.
BARMAID LETI: So... so now what?
URDIRIEL: I would rather not talk about my plans. But thank you for your honesty, Leti.
BARMAID LETI: I understand. The Twelfgods be with you! Oh... what have I done?

Thus, our party heads to the gate Soorman spoke of and can finally meet up with Thunderfist.
Posted Image

NEXT: less talkin' and moar fightin'

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After passing through the gate, our party enters the secret harbor where the pirate captains' ships are moored. It turns out to be a huge natural cavern heated by a hot spring.

Soorman's bosun Ork is back again as support in killing Thunderfist. However, Urdiriel has no intentions whatsoever to do Soorman's bidding.
Posted Image

The party heads down to Thunderfist's ship. Thunderfist appears to have three huge lizard-like creatures called Marus as bodyguards. The white-robed mage that Sanraya spoke of is also on board...
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thunderfist turns out to be a huge Thorwalian woman.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Well it's me, Eilif Sigridsdottir, also known at Thunderfist!
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: What is your name and what do you want?
JASMINE OF THE CREEK: Don't talk to them. The best answer is death.

Posted Image
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Under my roof, all speak for themselves, Jasmine of the Creek!
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Get out of here before you get hurt.

Jasmine is dismissed and Thunderfist addresses the party. It's time to deal with this annoying Soorman.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Now, by Swafnir, what do you have to say to me?
URDIRIEL: My name is Urdiriel Teardream and I...
CANO: Mora! We seek her! It took us so long to get here. Please tell us where she is!
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: And why should I help you?
URDIRIEL: Because I can help you too. Soorman is planning to attack you.
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Soorman? That treacherous landlubber! As if he would help anybody but himself.

However, there is a surprise. Soorman finally makes his move.
Posted Image
RIVER PIRATE: Captain Thunderfist! Treachery! Soorman intends to kill you all. He's bought off our people and barricaded the back of the cave.
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: That miserable bunch will get to know me, alright! Fight at my side and then we'll see. You, boy, guard my ship! My loyal Marus, onward!

Soorman's bosun Ork shows up again as well... apparently he was part of the plan all along. But as Urdiriel dealt with the runaway Goblins in a peaceful manner, the Ork can be robbed off his allies.
Posted Image
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: You walk good in Irontaste trap, har har! Ergoch Redpelts and Zutar make crunch on you! Look forward this, I do!
URDIRIEL: Goblins, don't listen to the bad Ork! Flee! A Reshamama is waiting in the woods. She will help you.
YOBBO: Yeees! Yobbo know Reshamama! She better than bosun Ork and stronger. Shoo! We flee!
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Ghorkai! Stubborn bait go! No Redpelts... More crunch for Zutar.
SHIP's ORK ZUTAR: Finish talk! You lose head now. Ai Kattach!

Posted Image
Finally, some action.




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After killing the bosun Ork, a series of large battles with Soorman's pirate cronies will break out on the way to Soorman's ship. With the Marus and Eilif by our side, however, the pirates don't stand much of a chance.
Posted Image

Posted Image
RIVER PIRATE: Eilif! You're a good fighter but a lousy leader. You lost your last ship to the Riverfather! And did anyone ever get a look at that treasure? I don't think it even exists!
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: You believe in a fairy tale about the Riverfather but not in the treasure that went down with my ship? Anyone who mutinies for a few ducats can expect to pay with their life. Marus, kill them!

In the next area, Soorman's pirates will quickly surrender after killing a few.
Posted Image

Posted Image

In the final area before Soorman's ship, the pirates quickly head for the hills.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Finally, the party reaches Soorman's ship. It is time to settle the score once and for all.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: No Soorman. The time has come for us to fight. I'm sick of your lies.
CAPTAIN SOORMAN: Do you know what I am sick of? Those disgusting, stupid animals! Those Marus, guarding your painted skin. It is time to end this...

Soorman has a final trick up his sleeve... Jasmine of the Creek.
Posted Image




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Jasmine casts a spell and turns Eilif's Marus against the party. A big battle breaks out.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Key to winning this battle is dealing with the Marus as fast as possible, since Jasmine and Soorman will also join the battle.
Posted Image

One Maru is quickly killed with melee skills that cause wounds, while Jaakon turns a second one to stone. In the meantime, Cano turns another Maru back to the party's cause with his "A Better Offer" miracle.
Posted Image

Once the Marus are under control, Soorman falls quickly...
Posted Image

...while Jasmin teleports away after taking a couple of hits.
Posted Image

After killing the remaining two Marus, Eilif will spill the beans about the connection between Mora and the pirates.
Posted Image

Posted Image
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Ha! By Swafnir, what a battle!
URDIRIEL: Are you finally going to tell me where Mora is?
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: That I will! Mora is not here. The white hoods took her to the castle, to Dajin, Baron of Nadoret.
URDIRIEL: How are you involved with the Baron?
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: We had an agreement. He kept the authorities off our backs in return for a share of the loot. And he tipped us off about the river trade.
JAAKON: The Baron's treachery won't go unpunished.
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Soorman convinced the weaklings in the Council to play along. I never liked the whole thing, especially after those white hoods turned up. Now it will end.
URDIRIEL: What about the woman in white - that Jasmine of the Creek?
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: I wish I had the chance to give that traitor a proper talking to. With my fists! She's probably gone to Castle Nadoret. To her master, Coldstone.
JAAKON: I'll give him no more mercy than he gave Fayris.
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: A feud? Then listen. I know a secret way into the castle. The harbor master of Nadoret has the key. I wish you a good battle, Urdiriel Teardream!
URDIRIEL: What happened to Mora?
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: We had orders to capture the ship she was traveling on. But we didn't take her prisoner. She came with us willingly. Almost as if she knew exactly what to expect. There's some dirty secret behind all this.
URDIRIEL: How is Coldstone involved?
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: They were secretive, those white hoods. I just know that they got involved in the whole business and always wanted more... from the Baron too, so it seems.
URDIRIEL: Tell me about the deal with the Baron?
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: The tollkeepers told us what the ships were carrying and how well guarded they were. Then we shared the loot with them. Dajin has been demanding an increasingly bigger share ever since the white hoods arrived.
URDIRIEL: That's all I needed to know.

Eilif then takes the party back to Hammerberg.
Posted Image
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: Here we are. If you stay in Hammerberg for a while, have a drink and a chat with me in the tavern. I need to think about my future.
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: As for your future, Sjahskari, I'm sure fate will show you the way. You seem a better leader than I was, Urdiriel Teardream.
URDIRIEL: Good luck to you, Eilif Sigridsdottir!
CAPTAIN EILIF THUNDERFIST: [She turns to Ardo] And you! I like the way you fight! May the strength of your sword arm last many years.
ARDO: I... erm... Rondra be with you, Madam Eilif.

With the part of the main quest in Hammerberg finished, the course is now clear: the Baron must be apprehended.

NEXT: sidequests.




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As the party returns to the Thalaria, a Dwarf stops them. Apparently there's trouble at the Dwarven delving... another sidequest beckons.
Posted Image
BRIDGEMAN: You there! Go up to the delving, quickly! Avarosh is in the mines and trouble's brewing up there.
URDIRIEL: What happened?
BRIDGEMAN: I don't know exactly. You helped us out before. Maybe the ghost came back?

Back at the delving, we meet another NPC from Drakensang 1: Prince Arom, son of Arombolosh, King of the Dwarves.
Posted Image

Posted Image
PRINCE AROM: I heard that you helped Avarosh. Do you have any idea what you've done? Ka baskan draxin!
URDIRIEL: Does it have anything to do with Norgamashzrom, by any chance?
PRINCE AROM: You know about Norgamashzrom? You know my father's law forbidding all from searching for the unholy delving?
URDIRIEL: Yes, I know your father's law. But I wanted to help the Dwarves who had been turned to stone.
PRINCE AROM: That does you honor! Now I need your help. We must stop Avarosh or something terrible will happen.
URDIRIEL: Fine, what do you have in mind?
PRINCE AROM: We must go into the delving together and stop Avarosh from going deeper. I will tell you more on the way. Let's go right now!
URDIRIEL: I will follow you, Prince Arom.

Back in the delving, the "Bosnickel" shows his face again.
Posted Image
BOSNICKEL: Heeheehee, oh no oh no... here I am again. Hear me, sweet prince!
URDIRIEL: You must be Bosnickel. He who guards this delving so wisely, keeping strangers from the hell iron.
BOSNICKEL: Yes, that is I. But what anguish! This heroic brute chased me off... I faiiiiled.
URDIRIEL: I'm sorry. I'd have helped you if you'd told me what you were planning.
BOSNICKEL: How was I to know who you are? If you told me why, what, who you are, I'd have told you who, what, why I'm here! Heehee, apology accepted. Here, have a flower! Heehee.
URDIRIEL: As your vanquisher, I command you: What must I do to stop Avarosh?
BOSNICKEL: My powers are at an end - now you must change the trend! Heeheehee...
URDIRIEL: Speak plainly and clearly, we're running out of time!
BOSNICKEL: As the vanquisher wishes! Starting report from the delving: After ejection of poor Leprechaun NOGO, Avarosh and his men have breached the delving again. They have opened the entrance to the shaft known as Norgamashzrom in the Dwarven tongue and are now in the passageways. They're following the call of the hell iron and their greed for said iron is evolving into evil and hatred for all that lives.
BOSNICKEL: With his last strength, NOGO managed to cast a powerful Leprechaun curse commanding all other creatures of the deep to attack the intruders. If you should decide to stop the Dwarves before they reach the mother lode, NOGO will cast a spell protecting you from the power of the hell iron. The magic should protect you from any of its harmful effects. Tell me when you wish to begin and receive the protection. End of report! But take care! If you leave the delving... oh my! Then is the protection... gone! disappeared... poof!
BOSNICKEL: Want to go deeper into the delving? You might want you protection.
BOSNICKEL: So be it. You have the protection. Don't forget, you can't leave the delving until it's Dwarf free! It's been emotional. Toodles!

The stairs to the deeper parts of the delving are guarded by a lot of Dwarves armed with arbalests and barricaded behind trapped crates. Down the stairs, there even more Dwarves and traps.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Eventually the party makes it to the deepest part of the delving, where the entrance to Norgamashzrom is located. A confrontation with Avarosh follows.
Posted Image
GOLTOOTH AVAROSH: Prince Arom? You really do have a talent for turning up at the worst possible moment... And I should have got rid of you a long time ago. Drodda! I knew you were the type to stick your nose in where it's not wanted.
PRINCE AROM: Garoshem Avarosh grosho Gramtax! Lower your weapon and give up Norgamashzrom forever. If not, I shall force you to do so.
GOLDTOOTH AVAROSH: Give up? Hehe, you really don't know me. Finally, I have the miracle metal. Nobody can take it from me now. Now! Shoot them down, clan garoshim!

During the battle, Avarosh and his guards stay conveniently clustered together while they're shooting the party, giving Jaakon ample opportunity to try out his Fireball spell.
Posted Image

Posted Image




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When Avarosh and his thugs lie dead, Prince Arom reveals what's really going on.
Posted Image
PRINCE AROM: What a battle! Avarosh and the other traitors have met their end. It's good that the monsters of the deep held them up for so long.
URDIRIEL: Is it not yet time to tell me more about the delving? I'm sure you know more than you have told me so far.
ARDO: It seemed that Avarosh knew you?
PRINCE AROM: You fought well. You deserve to learn the truth. Listen well! I was here once before, as a young Dwarf. I was accompanied by my friend Torlosh, a smith of Angrosh-given skill. We were driven by the craving for adventure and a certain amount of defiance for my father.
PRINCE AROM: We sought the secret of Norgamashzrom and had heard that a Dwarf by the name of Avarosh was looking for adventurers. He had found a few mineshafts that might lead there. We met Avarosh and made a deal with him. He would show us the entrance to Norgamashzrom. In return, we would recover a rare metal from the bottom of the delving for him. Anything else we found would belong to us...
URDIRIEL: I understand. Avarosh deceived you.
PRINCE AROM: ... He certainly did! We entered the delving. Then we saw them... the corpses of the other Dwarves. They had murdered each other. They must have been the first expedition... also sent by Avarosh. As we stood there and wondered why the Dwarves had killed each other, I started to hear a whispering in my head. The voice was very quiet at first... but as we went deeper it grew louder... and harsher.
PRINCE AROM: I realized that Torlosh heard it too when I saw his face. He was no longer my old friend... something had possessed him... he stared at me with hate-filled eyes...
URDIRIEL: The ore spoke to you, just as it did to Avarosh and his men. It is just as well the Leprechaun's spell is protecting us.
PRINCE AROM: Yes... we probably would have been at each other's throats. Just like Torlosh and me all those years ago. But I'll tell you about that later. Let us set off now, we must put an end to all this...
URDIRIEL: I don't think I quite understand what you mean. Arom? You want to...
PRINCE AROM: ... I want to get right to the bottom and end this. I'll do away with that hell iron once and for all.
PRINCE AROM: I have some very special Hylailian fire. It burns with such a heat that even huge rocks melt. If I light it at the heart of the mountain, the entire delving will collapse in on itself.
URDIRIEL: I'm with you. Let's go.
PRINCE AROM: Scales and teeth! So be it.

The party moves on and enters Norgamashzrom proper... and eventually finds a destroyed elevator guarded by several rock goblins and a rock golem.
Posted Image

After all enemies are disposed of, Prince Arom reveals more.
Posted Image
PRINCE AROM: Do you see the remains of the elevator? That is where my friend Torlosh died... many years ago, through his own treachery.
URDIRIEL: Do you want to tell me about it now?
PRINCE AROM: Yes, I will. You have earned it. This passage leads to the heart of the delving. That's where the unholy metal is. It is alive and immeasurably evil. Legends say that it was brought into the world by the arch-demon Agrimoth himself.
PRINCE AROM: Torlosh and I fought there. I was able to withstand the call of the unholy metal, but Torlosh wanted to bring it to the surface. He wanted to use it to forge powerful weapons to use against our enemies... oh, such folly. When I told him that I would never allow it, he attacked me. He was full of rage and the whisperings of the metal seemed to make him stronger. We fought for almost two hours and... I couldn't kill him.
URDIRIEL: What? You were unable to defeat him?
PRINCE AROM: No, you don't understand... how could I kill... my best friend? I fled... and ran to the elevator... As it took me to the surface I saw Torlosh below, smashing at the machinery, his face filled with hate.. I managed to jump out just before the whole thing came crashing down and buried Torlosh.
URDIRIEL: What happened to Avarosh? And why did you not return?
PRINCE AROM: I left the delving full of despair and rage. With a couple of well-placed blows, I collapsed a couple of supports and blocked the entrance to Norgamashzrom. I went to Avarosh and vowed that I would punish him if he ever looked for the forbidden delving again. I told my father that Torlosh died a hero's death. I could not tell him the truth... to this day.
URDIRIEL: [Perception] Tell me Arom, where is Torlosh's body?
PRINCE AROM: Hmm... maybe the elevator did not kill him outright and he managed to crawl a little deeper into the delving. Hurry... I must know where his body lies.

Not much further on, the party reaches the heart of the delving... a nasty surprise awaits.
Posted Image

The horribly mutated Torlosh is still alive and needs to be killed.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

After killing Torlosh, Arom sets the charges of Hylailian fire and the party hurries out of the delving. Mission accomplished.
Posted Image

A thankful Arom awards the party with his own axe, Anglagorum. A truly killer weapon in the hands of Forgrimm.
Posted Image




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Returning to Van Haring at the Tollgate to turn in the pirates' silver emblems and gold, the party is introduced to someone new: Ulwina Neisbeck, another NPC from Drakensang 1.
Posted Image

Posted Image
ULWINA NEISBECK: Pleased to meet you. Angwart has told me a lot about you.
COMMANDANT VAN HARING: Yes... Madam Neisbeck is one of the most respected ladies in all Ferdok and urgently requires help. You seem to be the best for the job.
URDIRIEL: What is your request?
ULWINA NEISBECK: My poor brother has fallen into the hands of those villainous pirates. We can't afford the ransom those criminals are demanding. My family and I are desperate.
URDIRIEL: I want to deal directly with the pirates. Maybe they'll show some pity when I explain our situation. I heard you might be able to help me find the pirates.
ARDO: Fair Lady, I bow before your courage! But as a man of honor and a knight, I cannot allow you to put yourself in such danger! Allow me and my companions to free your brother!
ULWINA NEISBECK: Oh, this is too generous of you, Sir...?
ARDO: Ardo. Ardo of Boarstock!
ULWINA NEISBECK: Oh, so it's you... well, many thanks Sir Boarstock. I am moved by your chivalry. But I'd still rather try on my own. If you could just show me the way?
URDIRIEL: Yes, I can tell you the way to the pirate camp.
COMMANDANT VAN HARING: What? A lady like you, defenseless among that pack of ruffians? By my honor, I cannot permit this! I wish we had more men, then we'd finish that scum once and for all!
ULWINA NEISBECK: Yes, it is regrettable that we are forced to take such measures. But don't worry, I will take care. Could you tell me where to find their camp?
URDIRIEL: Speak with the captain of the Thalaria. He will show you the way.
ULWINA NEISBECK: Thank you, I will. Goodbye, Angwart. Adieu!

Ulwina Neisbeck leaves and as the party goes on their way, Commandant Van Haring calls them back.
Posted Image
COMMANDANT VAN HARING: Er, just a moment. I'm not very happy about the idea of this young lady being at the mercy of that pirate scum. And in my jurisdiction! Unfortunately I cannot spare any of my men. But someone should look for Madam Neisbeck at the pirate camp and make sure she's safe.
COMMANDANT VAN HARING: Do you think you could do it? I'd feel much happier. Well, think about it and err... good luck on your travels.

The party returns to Hammerberg and finds Ulwina Neisbeck in the Captain's Wheel, quarreling with Eilif Thunderfist.
Posted Image

Posted Image
EILIF THUNDERFIST: Neisbeck woman, be silent!
EILIF THUNDERFIST: You sent this reptile to me, Urdiriel Teardream?
URDIRIEL: She asked me to help to free her abducted brother.
ULWINA NEISBECK: Yes, the uncertain fate of my brother... Captain Thunderfist has been very uncooperative. Even though I've done my best to appeal to her common sense.
EILIF THUNDERFIST: Lightning take you! Do you ever stop talking, woman? Get out of my sight!
ULWINA NEISBECK: Tsk, and she calls herself a pirate leader! I won't waste any more of my time on you, Eilif Thunderfist. But pray to your holy whale that you never cross me again!

After Ulwina Neisbeck leaves, Eilif reveals to Urdiriel what's really going on.

EILIF THUNDERFIST: You can smell people like her a mile off, even upwind and even among liars, thieves and pirates!
ULWINA NEISBECK: What did she do that angered you so?
EILIF THUNDERFIST: Dead? Are you sure? She told me that she wanted to free him.
URDIRIEL: As sure as Soorman is dead. He must have wanted to pocket the ransom himself. Take a look in his hut in the southwest. Ulwina's brother should be freed!
EILIF THUNDERFIST: With pleasure. I also want to know what's going on.

Following Eilif's advice, the party heads to the hut and finds some of Soorman's remaining cronies. Killing them frees Ulwina Neisbeck's brother.
Posted Image

Posted Image
VITOLD NEISBECK: Are you another lackey of that nefarious Irontaste? Do the Gods plan my end?
URDIRIEL: My name is Urdiriel Teardream. Thunderfist sent me to release you. Captain Irontaste is dead.
VITOLD NEISBECK: Praise be to Tsa! Many of my companions have died at his hand. I feared to hear Golgari's wings myself. But my prayers were answered.
URDIRIEL: Another thing. Your sister got a ransom demand and traveled here personally...
VITOLD NEISBECK: What? Ulwina is here? I... I had already escaped two of her bounty hunters, but now I'm a prisoner here! Please, by the Gods, help me!
URDIRIEL: What do you suggest?
VITOLD NEISBECK: [He takes out a hidden item] When my father - may he rest in peace - handed the business over to us, he had Leonardo the Mechanicus create two music boxes.
VITOLD NEISBECK: But Ulwina doesn't like to share. She wants sole control. Give her my timepiece and tell her I'm dead. If the Gods wish it, I will escape.
URDIRIEL: How can you just leave half of your inheritance to that woman?
VITOLD NEISBECK: My life is worth more to me. I can only recommend that you stay away from her. She is completely unscrupulous... Thank you and farewell.
URDIRIEL: Here, take these 10 ducats. They should help you on your way.
VITOLD NEISBECK: I am fortunate indeed to have met such an honorable and generous savior. I thank you, Urdiriel Teardream, and I hope to repay this debt one day. May the Twelfgods be with you!

Now, the party can earn a fair amount of gold by tricking Ulwina Neisbeck.
Posted Image
ULWINA NEISBECK: Oh, you again. Listen, my patience is at an end. Anyone who gets rid of my brother once and for all will be richly rewarded, understood? The rest is up to you...
URDIRIEL: I found this by your brother's body. [Give Ulwina the music box]
ULWINA NEISBECK: Really ... yes, it must be true! I had my doubts about hiring you, but you have earned your reward. Here, I think this should be appropriate. And now, farewell.

Reporting back to Eilif Thunderfist then ends the quest.
Posted Image

NEXT: wrapping up Elven Woods & Hunting Preserve.




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Back at the Elven woods, Urdiriel tells Alari Springborn about her sister Sanraya, currently living among the pirates in Hammberg.
Posted Image
ALARI SPRINGBORN: Sanya bha, feyiama. Did you find Sanraya?
URDIRIEL: Yes, she lives with the River Pirates and is happy there
ALARI SPRINGBORN: Like those Humans who were here? But doesn't she have to block out all that noise just to bear it, and then shout down the others just to be heard?
URDIRIEL: She gets by. She is fascinated by their stories and has had some adventures of her own.
ALARI SPRINGBORN: Oh, she can sing of it when she returns home one day! When she yearns for the light and finds her way back to us...
URDIRIEL: Time will tell.

However, the Elves now have another problem that needs solving.
ISALIEL WINGSTROKE: Fate guides your steps! We welcome your return with joy, feyiama, for your help is needed again.
URDIRIEL: Not the ruins again?
ISALIEL WINGSTROKE: No, the lake forest to the north. The river from there carries impure water with a terrible stench. The creatures are sick and restless. We can use magic to purify the water, but the source remains a mystery. Our refined senses cannot bear the stench and in the distance a misty cloud obscures the lake.
URDIRIEL: It can't smell worse than Forgrimm. I'll take care of it.

In the northern forest, the party is attacked by a lot of animals, bears included, driven mad by the stench. Urdiriel renders them all docile with the Elvens pell "Meek you be". Due to the high level difference between the party and animals at this point, killing them is no longer worth it since they all give 0 experience.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The source of the stench appears to be the body of a Linnorm.
Posted Image

The problem can be solved by applying the Amoeba spores that Urdiriel bought from Crooked Otto a while back.
Posted Image

Upon returning to Isaliel, the party however is sent back... due to some unforseen consequences.
Posted Image

Feasting upon the body of the Linnorm made the Amoebas full-grown. After whacking them, the party finds the High Elven sword that Gwendala is looking for.
Posted Image

Posted Image
After returning the sword to Gwendala, the party is finished with the Elven woods.

The party then returns to the Hunting Preserve, where the way across the stone bridge has finally been cleared. The rest of the Orcs can now be purged.
Posted Image




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Not far across the bridge is a camp with a lot of Orcs (and one Ogre). Quite a difficult fight, considering the party is heavily outnumbered and there are several Orc archers.
Posted Image

Jaakon's fireworks, however, are quite helpful.
Posted Image

A crevice in the rock face leads to a hidden valley where another Orc camp is located.
Posted Image

The last Orc camp has three Ogres and ten Orcs, but can be picked off one by one by carefully approaching the camp from the side.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
With this camp cleared, the party is done with the Hunting Preserve.

The party returns to Nadoret to acquire/craft some heavy armour for Ardo and Forgrimm. At this point will be approached by Old Greyhair and have the opportunity to start the final part of the main quest. However, for now this will be ignored.
Posted Image
BEGGAR GREYHAIR: Somethingís going on. The harbormaster is gathering a crowd of strange figures around him and is taking them into the Dark Forest.
ARDO: The harbormaster's why we're here!
BEGGAR GREYHAIR: I donít know where theyíre all disappearing to. Iíve already reported it to Gerlin in Ferdok and am waiting for his answer.
ARDO: I found out about a secret passageway that leads into the castle.
BEGGAR GREYHAIR: Really? It doesn't look good. I can take you to the spot where they slip into the woods. Then you only have to follow them.
ARDO: If we are going into the castle, Iím definitely going to go along! We should be well-equipped for this final step!
BEGGAR GREYHAIR: Tell me when we're supposed to get started!

Elsewhere in Nadoret, our friend the Water nymph is in trouble again. An unscrupulous merchant is trying to sell her off.
Posted Image

Posted Image
WATER NYMPH: Please! Help me!
URDIRIEL: I've only just rescued you from the island. What happened this time?
WATER NYMPH: I was on the way back to my people. But before I could reach the river, some of those who live on the land saw me. They threw a net over me and brought me here.
MERCHANT: Hey, youíre not allowed to touch the goods! Interested in this blue beauty? You can bid for her, the auction is about to start.
URDIRIEL: We're not in Al'Anfa here! Slavery is against the law!
MERCHANT: Pah, I know the laws, thank you! This thing here is neither a human nor an Elf. And it looks nothing like a Dwarf! ... And the ban only applies to those. So beat it, before I call the guards. It's against the law to interrupt the work of an honest merchant.
CANO: [Fast Talk] You know the wording of the law very well, don't you? Did you know that the Water Nymphs are also known as Sea Elves? Elves, get it?
MERCHANT: [Success] Hmm..., I suppose you could look at it that way... but that's just splitting hairs. These Water Nymphs are not really Elves - even if people call them that.
ARDO: [Intimidate] I can report it to the guards and we'll see how the court decides. Let's hope that you won't be accused of slavery afterwards ...
MERCHANT: [Success] Alright, alright ... I'll let her go, this Elf... It was only a misunderstanding...
URDIRIEL: A wise decision.
WATER NYMPH: Iím so grateful to you! You've rescued me for the second time already. And this time I have nothing to give you as a reward ...

At this point, Brother Emmeran shows up again.
Posted Image
BROTHER EMMERAN: That's why you should get your reward from me. Here, this is a robe like the one Sumu's servants wear. It belongs to you now. The Riverfather is very pleased with you. These deluded people have been protected from commiting new outrages by your rescue of this child of the water.
BROTHER EMMERAN: However, I doubt that they will ever thank you for this service ... here, take this. You will probably need it during the trials that still await you.
URDIRIEL: Thank you. I hope you'll escort the poor thing safely home now. I don't know if I'll be on the scene a third time.
BROTHER EMMERAN: Don't worry. I'll watch over her personally.

NEXT: dragon slaying

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It is now time for our party to pit themselves against the Water Dragon that Sanraya spoke of.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The Water Dragon pops up soon as the party arrives at its cave. It turns out to be more a plesiosaur than a dragon.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The dragon is very easy with all our party members having access to the best skills, weapons & equipment.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image




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Once the dragon is slain, the party finds Sanraya's soul instrument among its considerable loot.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The party makes a quick return to Hammerberg to grant Sanraya her soul instrument back.
Posted Image

Upon death, the dragon also dropped an artifact that seems to be connected to the Temple of Efferd. It is time to return to Brother Emmeran for advice.
Posted Image

Posted Image
URDIRIEL: I have another strange fragment. It was guarded by a Water Dragon.
BROTHER EMMERAN: A Water Dragon... doubtless summoned by Efferd's anger to lay waste to the realm of the Riverfather. But show me the artifact. Hmm, let me see... it is similar to the other artifact you brought me. I'm sure it also belongs to the temple. I can feel the power of the Ocean God.

Now, our party is ready to tackle the Temple of Efferd.
Posted Image

Posted Image
The Temple of Efferd consists of 9 levels of tunnels infested with giant crabs and morfus.

After a lot of tedious combat, the party reaches a mosaic puzzle that needs to be solved to get past a dead end.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The cube looted from the Water Dragon's body is the final piece needed to complete the mosaic. Upon solving the puzzle, a bridge will materialize and the party can continue into the heart of the temple.
Posted Image




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Descending winding stairs and killing more morfus guarding treasure chests, the party reaches the heart of the Temple of Efferd.
Posted Image

Upon entering the final chamber, a huge crablike monster will arise from the water and attack our party.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The fight with the Crab Beast is the toughest in the game, since the monster will periodically summon a lot of giant crabs and morfus to help.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

When the Crab Beast is near death, it summons forth the waters of Efferd and renders our party unconscious.
Posted Image

Posted Image

However, a deus ex machina appears to save our party: Brother Emmeran.
Posted Image




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Posted Image
BROTHER EMMERAN: Wait! I beg of you!
BROTHER EMMERAN: Look at me, Narog! Don't you recognize me?
CRAB BEAST: Da... Dar... Darog?! Is it really you?
BROTHER EMMERAN: Leave the darkness of this place and follow me to the eternal flame... my brother!

Posted Image

Posted Image
NAROG: Finally, you have found me. I have endured here in the darkness for an eternity...

Posted Image
NAROG: Alone with my rage and my despair. My hatred soaks every stone of this place...
NAROG: But I shall remain in the darkness no longer... it binds me no longer. I am free...
BROTHER EMMERAN: May you find peace now... my brother!

Posted Image
BROTHER EMMERAN: Thank you! I am deeper in your debt than I will ever be able to repay.
URDIRIEL: I don't understand... Why are you calling this monster your brother? What just happened?
BROTHER EMMERAN: I know I owe you an explanation. This place was the object of my soul quest. The soul spark of my dead twin brother's was trapped here. Finally, he is free... I am sorry I couldn't tell you the entire truth. But the oath that binds me to the Riverfather also prevented me from becoming involved. I could only trust in your heroism.
URDIRIEL: But you did get involved in the battle. Didn't that break your oath?
BROTHER EMMERAN: Well, I did intervene, but to create peace, not to fight. But I could only free my brother's soul spark once you had contained the evil.
URDIRIEL: What exactly happened with your brother?
BROTHER EMMERAN: Narog was my twin brother. As you may know, the bond between twins is very close among us Angroshim. It is almost as if we share a soul. We grew up in Tosh Mur, the place the Human's know as Wood Watch. Side by side, we delved in the mines of LŻr. We knew great happiness when we struck a new vein of ore...
BROTHER EMMERAN: We drove the shaft ever deeper into the mountain until, for the first time in our lives, we came into disagreement. Narog warned caution. But I urged him to dig ever deeper. One day, Narog suddenly noticed small fragments of stone falling from the roof of the shaft. As quick as a flash, he pushed me into a side tunnel. But then the mountain came down on him.
BROTHER EMMERAN: Half the tunnel had caved in. I burrowed frantically, with bare hands and bleeding fingers. But all I found was his lifeless body. His soul spark had already departed. But I knew it had not been extinguished completely. As long as I also lived, it would wander without finding peace. From that day, I knew only one goal: To guide my brother's soul spark home to Angrosh.
URDIRIEL: That creature we just fought... was that your brother? Or was he just a part of it?
BROTHER EMMERAN: I cannot say. But since the days of the Great Flood, this place has been filled with the rage of Efferd. My brother's soul spark and the anger of the Old God may have transformed one of the crabs here into that monster. But that is just conjecture.
URDIRIEL: Well, I'm just glad that you intervened when you did.
BROTHER EMMERAN: No, no, all thanks must go to you. And I deeply regret that I could not tell you the entire truth.
URDIRIEL: Could you tell me about your soul quest?
BROTHER EMMERAN: Yes, I will tell you my tale. You know me as the Voice of the Riverfather. But before that I followed my calling as a Geode and served Sumu, the Great Mother. I lost my brother before we could take the baptism of fire together. The bond between us was therefore so strong that I barely survived the loss. So I placed myself under the care of a Shepherd of Souls.
BROTHER EMMERAN: Shepherd of Souls is the name we Angroshim give to a Geode. Even more than the art of magic, I learned to understand the pain surrounding my brother and it was to him that I dedicated my decision to care for all of Sumu's Creation. All Geodes share the fate of having lost a twin brother. And we all know that the soul spark of our dead twin is not lost, but wanders Ethra without rest.
BROTHER EMMERAN: To find and guide that soul back to Angrosh's eternal flame is the burning desire of every Shepherd of Souls. We call this goal the soul quest. Eventually, I was able to track Narog's soul to this temple. But Efferd's rage had trapped him here. It seemed impossible to reach Narog. I despaired...
BROTHER EMMERAN: But then the Riverfather began to speak to me. He promised to help me to get into the temple, if I would spread his word along the banks of the Great River. Several divine cycles have passed since then, but he kept his promise, as you can see. And I have learned to value his wisdom. After all, he is one of the oldest of Sumu's children.
URDIRIEL: What will happen to the temple now?
BROTHER EMMERAN: This place will remain a threat until the dispute between the Ocean God and the Riverfather abates. Therefore, I shall continue to watch over it. As the Gods are not known to settle their quarrels particularly quickly, I expect to spend the rest of my life here. But I do not mind. I like it here.
URDIRIEL: Well, if our quest is finished here, it is probably time for us to continue our journey.
BROTHER EMMERAN: Yes, your work here is done. But there is always a need for heroes along the banks of the Great River. May the Riverfather bless you and guide you in your future deeds.

And that is that for the Temple of Efferd.
Posted Image

Now, our party is ready to start the final part of the main quest by talking to Beggar Greyhair back in Nadoret.
Posted Image

NEXT: the castle entrance




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Beggar Greyhair takes our party to the edge of the Dark Forest where the Harbormaster disappeared into.
Posted Image
BEGGAR GREYHAIR: This is where Orbert was seen tramping into the woods with some henchmen. But where exactly...
ARDO: It's alright, Greyhair. I think he's on his way over here already, our busy harbormaster.

The harbormaster and his cronies show up and enter the Dark Forest after taking smoke torches from a hidden crate.
Posted Image

Using smoke torches themselves, the party enters the Dark Forest and follows the Harbormaster's trail. Without the smoke torch, the party would be attacked by endless waves of increasingly tough animals.
Posted Image

The party confronts the Harbormaster while he's looking for the secret entrance to the castle in a rock face.
Posted Image
HARBORMASTER ORBERT: By the thunderboxes, it's you again?! What is this?
URDIRIEL: Absolutely right... it's us. Surprised?
HARBORMASTER ORBERT: Not really. I suspected right from the start that you were up to no good. You're very persistent, seeing you're even still alive. At least we got one of you. So my trap at the harbor was of some use after all.
URDIRIEL: Then you also have Fayris on your conscience.
JAAKON: He hasn't had one of those in a long time ... If he did, he wouldn't have given us free rein.
HARBORMASTER ORBERT: Did you really believe you could snoop around my harbor and get away with it ? If you did, then you're even dumber than I thought.
ARDO: Stop! In the name of the Emperor: Put down your weapons and surrender!
HARBORMASTER ORBERT: I have bad news for you. It seems that neither you nor the Emperor has a thing to say here. Recruits, Coldstone's orders are clear! This entrance must remain secret! Make mincemeat out of them!

Finally, we get to kill that annoying jerk of a Harbormaster. After he and his cronies are dead, Urdiriel finds the key to the secret entrance on his corpse.
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Urdiriel then locates the keystone in the rock wall and the secret entrance to the castle opens.
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Once inside, however, there is a surprise: the party didn't enter the castle but a cave system that serves as a mercenary base... soon they are addressed by a mercenary.
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MERCENARY 1: Ah, fresh meat! Welcome, recruits! Where's the harbormaster? He's normally so keen to collect his little fee at once.
CANO: [Lie] Oh, Orbert told us we should go ahead in the meantime. He probably wanted to check something outside. He'll collect his money later.
MERCENARY 1: [Success] So? What does he want to look at? Oh well, he'll tell us in due course. The main thing is that you're here. Get your tabards from that chest up there.
MERCENARY 2: Hey, look at that, Sergeant! That fair-haired guy's doublet is covered in blood!
MERCENARY 1: So it is! You look as though you've just come from battle! What have you been doing?
CANO: [Lie] We were attacked by a pack of wolves in the forest. We had to dispatch a couple of them to get them to leave us alone!
MERCENARY 1: [Success] So there are problems with those beasts again, hmm? I'd hoped that that was over for now! Well, good, I'm glad you made it. Like I said, find yourselves a couple of tabards that fit you out of the chests there, and go out into the gorge. Guard Gerald is already waiting for you.

So for now, our party is forced to play along with the mercenaries, and must find an entrance to the castle somewhere in the mercenary camp.
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NEXT: in disguise

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