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Cheat Nodes

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I need to know how to get rid of cheat nodes, because I'm at the telos academy and Atton and Kreia aren't in the cages, but at the entrance and if I talk to Kreia nothing happens, but when I talk to Atton I get two options "1. [Cheat Node] Jump to PC confrontation with Atris" and "2. [Cheat Node] Continue with Kreia conversation" If I choose the first one the dialogue with Atris begins and if I press the second one, nothing happens. So I'm stuck there, with no possible, or at least obvious way of getting out... Please help...

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From the FAQ:


Q. I am at the Telos Academy. Instead of being locked up my teammates stand behind me and they talk about a Cheat Node

A. This following issue has been caused by the 1.0B patch. There are 3 known solutions to fix this issue

1. Re-install Kotor2 without 1.0B

2. When entering the Academy, first ask who they are. Dropping your weapons immediately actually causes this bug to happen.

3. Thanks to Darth333 for this 3rd option.

This one can come in handy if you haven't got a savegame from before the Academy, or that one is too far away from your current position

The solution requires to set the global variable 262TEL_Atton_Talk" to 1 with KSE. The latest version of KSE is available here:

(people who have the non-english version of windows have to download KSEa instead of KSE).

It's very easy to do and it takes no more than one minute. Here's a screenie of what it looks like

With the TSLRP mod soon to be released, the old fix for this has been removed from their website because it would conflict with the finished mod. When the mod is completed and released, it will fix this error.



Note that the TSLRP referred to in 3. no longer exists. Time hasn't treated anyone gently.

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