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Where is the big patch?!?

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Waaay back in June, the developers had this to say:


"We're working on one (patch), but we don't have an exact release date yet." Chris Avellone told GameBanshee, while Feargus Urquhart was more specific: "We wanted to release something fairly quickly based upon some feedback we were getting. I think [sEGA] wanted to take a different approach by gathering more information over a longer period of time and provide a patch then. That's what we're figuring out right now...."

My question is, where is that patch? We're in november now, and as good as the game is, and it really is, it could definitly use one. Even more so, it deserves one!


So guys, please, enlighten us! Are you still working on a patch, or is Fallout: New Vegas taking all your time?


It's never coming, is it?



Source: http://seganerds.thekartel.com/blog/2010/0...o_dlc_confirmed

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Patch isn't US only anymore!!!!




There is a changelog, it's called patch.txt and lands in main folder.


What's more, the very first line of a changelog:




- To resolve activation issues, PC copy protection has been removed.


Very nice of them, and it also shows that SEGA really doesn't care about AP anymore - to remove DRM in half a year after release? (Not that I'm complaining about removal :x)

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Could you post the entire changelog?


It's as if the people at Obsidian were doing the patch on their off time and that Sega made the minimum as far as distributing it go :x I mean, no announcement, nothing!


The changelog ISN'T complete (Other things were also fixed)




This file contains the log of the fixes and changes made to Alpha Protocol

since its initial release.



- To resolve activation issues, PC copy protection has been removed.

- In Moscow during the assault of Brayko's Mansion, the player could get

into a situation where a door would not be openable preventing progression

through the rest of the level. This has been fixed.

- In Taipei, during the Stop the Assassination mission, the user can fall

out of the world if they reload the "Exit Gardens" checkpoint. There was

also a problem where if the player backtracked, part of the level might

not load in properly. This has also been fixed.

- In the same mission, a problem with subtitles was corrected.

- In the museum in Rome, the game could crash when using Focused Aim to

kill the NPC holding Madison in the elevator.

- Bosses could get stuck in an accelerated mode when Fury wears off.

- Chainsot was exploitable to slow time and get critical headshots without

consuming its cooldown.

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Apparently it works with the Steam version:


so how can I tell if the patched installed properly since I don't see version listed anywhere when I start the game?



EDIT: checked in the

\steam\steamapps\common\alpha protocol\Binaries\APGame.exe and it says so i guess it worked.

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However, what about this 1.1 patch? Does it work with the European Version or is only for US-Users?

I mean: is this patch a new or or it's the same small [almost useless] patch released some months ago?

There's a US version (think it's ~the same as the old one but with an installer + readme) and a separate Euro/ RoW/ DD version.

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