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Fallout: New Vegas


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Hopefully I won't have to activate my hardcopy through Steam. I had too much pain activating my Civ V and dl'ing the dlc maps because Steam doesn't like routers.



New Vegas uses Steamworks which means it's a Steam game even if bought at retail.

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So, how New Vegas looks from the streams New Vegas is finally an Obsidian main game that feels complete and actually good (more balanced) combat (Naturally, that depends on how you like the combat)


Now Dungeon Siege III and Onyx just has to (hopefully) reduce the bugs and the future looks very nice.^^



(Of course that view can entirly change when I play through New Vegas)

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Yep. Every one in a while, not often, just enough to **** with you because they can, the game will refuse to load if you aren't online. Prepare for the desire to toss your monitor out the window.

This is one of those games where feel I'm no better off buying a hard copy vs. direct Steam purchase. If I finally install Steam again, the game better be friggin' awesome. :lol::thumbsup:

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Just preordered on dvd.co.uk, 21 quid including delivery is not bad at all. Forced steam is still going to suck a lot but I'll make an exception for Obsidian. :(


We'll see how fast it gets here - Krezack and other Aus/NZers, what options are you using?

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