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FOnline SDK released


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So, the one or the other still might remember this one thread over there. FOnline: 2238 is made with the FOnline engine, which is a self-written engine and in the works since... many years (approx 2004 or so, I am not sure right now).


Now, finally the SDK has been released (the SDK of FOnline, not from FOnline: 2238, which is a different game :>).


It is now possible to set up a own server and modify the games files, etc. It is also possible to create singleplayer games with it, but this is still a kind of "in the works"-feature.


I wonder, if we will now (finally?) see more Fallout-like games spreading out of nowhere.. because as it looks like, Fallout 2 modding never made it very far, even though it's not *that* difficult... in my opinion.



Just say'in, thought someone might be interested in it. The main support is still in russian language. So some skills in this language or google translator will most likely be required here and there until the english community is evolving a bit more.

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