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Dungeon Siege was terrific, but DS2 was dreadful.

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Sound to me like the OP just wanted each companion to have it's own AI directed skill path without you needing to set it yourself if you don't want.


Shouldn't be too hard to do that and let you modify it yourself too (actually the modifying it yourself part would be the one that would require more effort from the devs, wouldn't it?)

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Obsidian did make NWN 2, which was party based.

If they are going for party, I hope it'll be limited to couples and temporary quest party members. To me couples was the best way to play DS2 because you didn't have too much stuff covering the screen and you could still make some combos etc. Also if you want to animation cancel and play actively it's very easy if you play a couple in mirror mode with 100% recovery rate moves like cursing and crossbows.

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