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Huh, you should meet him in Rome a couple times. One in the cafe, one in his villa, and one in the museum (bossfight).


Yes, I'm talking about the endgame. I've already met him in Rome, fought him at his villa and museum but...

now he's gone? :thumbsup:


I just noticed there's another topic about him, in another section.


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TSLRCM, the mod that Wookieepedia doesn't want you to know about:


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Yep, summarizing it up:


If you get Madison to talk you about his father (provided you have somewhat high rep with her, being a jerk last time, I never managed to get the information :) ), then in the endgame you choose to talk to Parker (instead of downloading the PDA), you can mention Madison to him, and in the server room a different cutscene will occur.

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