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Ok.. who's up for ALPHA PROTOCOL 2 !

Who wants Alpha Protocol 2 !  

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  1. 1. Who wants Alpha Protocol 2 !

    • Bring it on !
    • No thanks..

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Most def! I enjoyed the game even though it had some obvious flaws in it. If they are allowed to make a sequel I'm sure most of those flaws will be crushed. Especially since they will be at least somewhat familiar with the damn engine this time around.

Hopefully the game sells good enough for Sega to go forward with the sequel with Obsidian at helm. Won't be even remotely intrested if some other company gets the IP.

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Indeed, this game has got potential and it has got many interesting things (dialogue, character development, replayability) that should be preserved. A better presentation (graphics, art direction), better AI and combat mechanics, will make this game a reference. I just hope it doesn't end as ME2, good presentation, AI and combat mechanics, but few RPG elements...

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I say yes, but the issues MUST be adjusted then: if not, then "No Thanks...". I found the story, the choices and the mood interesting though. The game, and its sequel has a lot of potential.


But to be honest, I'm afraid we won't see AP2. This game is far too broken.

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The chances of a sequel are ... slim. ;(


Very sad ... the not so good reviews might motivate the dev team to step it up for the next one but if the sales won't be good (partialy due to reviews) then it is unlikely that Sega will invest in something that has given them little to no profit ... A shame really because the game has a ridiculously high potential ... If it got more polished and tested for bugs better It would've been as good or better than Mass Effect. If they improved the shooter mechanics, stealth + cover it could be a GOTY contender :) Lets hope the sequel gets made and reaches the true potential of original :- Awsome story needs awsome and polished gameplay ... the former was not delivered but still a good try for their first TPS!

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The Conduit is a pretty big success for a hardcore Wii game. Maybe not sales, but the reviews are generally favorable. On the other hand, AP is getting panned by alot of critics. And it sure ain't doing very well with sales.


Considering it's not out in the US yet, no, I guess it's not doing that well with sales at the moment. :-


Yup. I like The Conduit. It's just a fun game. But it's not as good as Alpha Protocol as an overall package.


If The Conduit were on PC, 360 or PS3, it would've bombed. It did well because of the platform it was on.

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