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For the Australians in the audience...

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So I just did

the hotel mission in Taiwan. Damn that was a lot of fun. Really cool choices there and managed to get through without setting off a single alarm.



This game has me. Already excited about another playthrough this early in.

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Well, screw that.


Despite Australia EBgames selling the game from the 26th, here in NZ they're clueless. They don't have it on the shelves or a poster or anything (though they have FO:NV and Diablo II and Sims 3, go figure) and people there are clueless. It seems it's "meant" to be here, console versions are here, but PC version is just... 'not'.


Mightyape sells console versions now but PC at 4th of June, so I might just pay for extra bandwidth and download it.


Seriously, sometimes being a small country is just crap :lol:


edit: OK, I've decided to go for GAME.co.uk, it's only 25 pounds for download = 50NZD, half the price of ebgames, and it does work for NZ customers.


It'll take me 12 hours or more to finish, but it'll still be the fastest option I guess.

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In Australia, the PC version wasn't in stock at the same time as the console versions either (at least in the stores I went to). Maybe there's some sort of supply issue this side of the world.


9 hours in, did a tiny bit of Taipei and a lot of Rome (although haven't finished Rome). All I can say is wheeeee! :x


Although I had to branch out a bit from my stealth build, was getting completely shredded whenever I got caught out. Yay for points in toughness.

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