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Making a honest lvl 300 is possible.

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/// Can you make a honest and legal lvl 300, on Aventia's post lvl 40 action server family, in less than 6 months? Yes you can. ///


Below I will provide assortments of documentations that other players can review, to aid them in any efforts that relate to achieving lvl 300.


lvl 300 requires a accumulation of 44,850,000 experience points. This must be achieved on the only modern post-lvl 40 server family that exists in the wiorld, that of "Aventia". XP caps for non-bosses are set at 250, thus you cannot get higher rewards for a kill of non-boss targets, no matter how high the CR (creature rating) is. Boss kills, which are not numerous at all, max out at around 1,000 xp. It is possible to recieve xp rewards from DM's, for completed quests, and that will be discussed abit below.


Below I will discuss a character of mine, Ross Witchen, who just achieved lvl 300 today.


------ ------- -----


* Ross Witchen: Rogue(2),Sorcerer(38). 1/2-Elf Chaotic Good. The current Ross Witchen lvl 300 was started in August, 2009. On May, 12th 2010 he achieved lvl 300.


* Primary spells used (Spell name(spell lvl)):

Black Blade(9),Acid Fog(6), Incendiary Cloud(:(, Isaac's Greater Magic Missle(6), Item-Magic Mushroom-Storm of Vengeance(9), Item-Ring of 9 Lives-Heal(6), Scintillating Sphere(3). Feats maximum spell, Empower Spell used on most AoE(Area of Effect) casts.


* XP rewards from DM's (total = 110k)

10k (10,000) xp from DM tasx in 12/2009 from quest

100k xp from DM/admin Ralt Gaither in 01/2010 from quest.


No xp was transferrd to this player from another toon.


* XP farms used:

Marshland-Orcs,Bugbears(naria sub-server)..lvl 10-20.

Dryad Forest-Dryads(naria)........ .......lvl 20-40.

General Party Adventuring......... .......lvl 40-50.

Tas's Expert Dungeon(Test,later Dusk)......lvl 50-80.

Tas's Professional Dungeon......... ......lvl 80-100.


Village of Time, area 1-Bears,wolves(naria).lvl 100-242.

Village of Time, area 2-Horses,boars ........lvl 200-242. This area used with reluctance and infrequently.

Void,Crypt of the Sleeper-Stingers(dusk)....lvl 125-198. I loved this place.

Void, Haunted House-Shadow Wraiths.... ....lvl 198-242.

Path to Wolfguard Castle-Winter Wolves(South Isle)..lvl 100-200.

Outside Wolfguard Castle-Frost Wraiths......lvl 200-242. These were hard for me to do.

Ellurygoth wasteland-Yuan Ti's ... .... ... .. lvl 242-300. Yes, this was the best farm I could find at the highest food chain, CR 650'ish. By lvl 299 I was getting 148 xp from each when solo.



* lvls gained by date:

lvl 128 = 1/9/10; lvl 192 = 2/8/10

lvl 256 = 3/18/10 ; lvl 300 = 5/12/10


* Attack Bonus's rewarded to casters, using the Aventian post-40 system ( for any1 curious)

+1 AB at lvl 80; +2 AB at lvl 149

+3 AB at lvl 200; +4 AB at lvl 254


* QP(Quest point) Item aquisition sequence:

1st=Grtr Caster Rune=September/2009

2nd=Necklace = October; 3rd=Boots = November

3rd=Sling = December; 4th=Cloak = December

5th-6th=Belt/Glove = January

7th-9th=Helm/Ring1/Armor = 2/13/2010

10th-11th=Ring2/Buckler = 04/27/10


2nd-11th were each a lesser qp item of 1 million gp in value(each)


----------- ------- --------


\\\\\ General Notes \\\\\


* Flow rate: This is what you are interested in when farming, xp in relation to time. Generally your looking for at least 10k xp between caster rests. And you want to find areas that give you at least 20k when complete (after about 10 minutes of effort).

* The lower the average party lvl is, the more xp rewards u get per kill. Most know this already. Basically, the bigger a bully you are, the less reward game will give you. So if some low levels want to follow you for free xp, you let them join.

* 80% of the farming done by this Ross Witchen was done alone (solo). Aventia is currently not heavily populated, so, if you see 6 players on one server, its a high point. Most of the time the Aventia servers only have 0-1 players on.

* Most monster spawns reset after about 18 minutes.

* Since Aventia has 3 interconnected servers that offer xp by kill, I used a special technique from lvl 125-242...called "Log farming". In log farming, I selected the best farm I could use on each server, and simply logged to a fresh server after I cleared a certain area of all its monsters. By the time I returned to a certain server, the monsters had reset.

* Till lvl 200, elemental based AoE spells kept trying to kill me. Sometimes it succeeded. At level 200 the chief administrator sold me a armor with 75% acid immunity (and 25% sonic vulnerability). This made my farming much less stressfull. It was custom item that is bought using aventia's qp system.


** The major effort for the lvl 300 project was started on 01/7/10 when Ross Witchen was lvl 125. I announced to player Ice that I would begin a non-stop push to get lvl 300 at fast as possible, then move on to lvl 400. this effort involved a minimum of 6 hours per day of farming xp, on some days 12 hours.

At first 5 levels per day were possible, but by 280+ only +1 was possible, tho I did two +2 level gains per day (after lvl 280), to see if I could do it.


Before lvl 125 I had been relaxing, and just leveled up multiple characters, as most players like to do. And I was playing other different game types, such as BF1942.


* How was my character geared, and how did I play it?

All his custom gear was designed for defence and caster stat-boosting only. He has no extra spell slots, no skill boosters, and no bonus feats on gear.

He rested after killing four piles verytime, even if he still had plenty of spells left to cast. Each pile had about 14 monsters. After 14, I would lag abit, or server might initiate a despawn (south isle sub-server had despawn).

He was designed as a "Caster-Scout", which is a design to operate solo in any situation, even in a boss kill effort. If you read Forgotten Relm books, the famous scout Vallas Hune was a "Blade Scout". My scouts operate very much like Vallas: shy, solo, mobile, and prefering events to occur on his terms. Except, I don't use melee, I use spells.


I don't use a staff, I use a sling that has no ammo, and that doesnt work at all. Thats so that I can use special "game mechanic" tricks, which I won't get into here.


Aventia should be publishing my custom gear in a gear book, viewable by all in Halls of Commerce sub-server.


-------- ------- -----


Final Note and advice:


If anyone is interested in making very high level characters with honest rolled up sleeve effort, I recommend using a caster to do the killing. Its much faster, and you can always use Aventia's re-leveler program to change it back to a melee tank, etc, after you are finished.


Whenever you're making a character on D&D servers as flexible and modern as Aventia, I highly recommend you have your lvl 1 character possess at least a 14 in a caster stat..such as intell, wisdom, charisma. This enables you to temporarily make a caster type..to level up much faster, even if a tank is what you really wanted in the end.


I will discuss spell casting tips, mechanics tricks, and farming techniques in a different post

Edited by Ross_Witchen
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So now what are you going to do?

Silly Hurlie! He told us what he's going to do now:

I will discuss spell casting tips, mechanics tricks, and farming techniques in a different post

Pay attention! :sorcerer:

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is a bit like hearing that a person has managed to fill a 1-gallon container with their own collected toenail clippings, or bellybutton lint. 'pon learning o' the exploits o' yet another edmund hillary, we experience a fleeting, morbid curiosity that impels us to ask why a person would bother to dedicate themselves to such a dubious goal, but then we happily dismiss the peculiar hobbyist's distraction du jour as representative o' the human condition's disturbingly common carnival side-show attraction quality.


HA! Good Fun!

"If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."Justice Louis Brandeis, Concurring, Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357 (1927)

"Im indifferent to almost any murder as long as it doesn't affect me or mine."--Gfted1 (September 30, 2019)

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am believing that numbers you present is the starting level for the given server.


HA! Good Fun!

"If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."Justice Louis Brandeis, Concurring, Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357 (1927)

"Im indifferent to almost any murder as long as it doesn't affect me or mine."--Gfted1 (September 30, 2019)

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This is a continuation of the thread "Making a honest lvl 300 is possible." (of May 2010).


The project to make a honest level 400, started on January 7th, 2010, is about to finish. At present the character is level 390. Leveling is continueing at about +1 level per day. Level 400 will be reached after aquiring about 80 million XP (experience points).


As a reminder, the Aventian server family limits XP rewards for non-bosses at 250 xp each (maximum).


Other than 110,000 XP awarded from DM's from quests, this has been a non-DM assisted character. Project player is planning to have 110,000 removed to make it 100% non-DM assisted before the level 400 goal is reached.


As this will be the highest recorded honest and legal 'Gary Gygax era' type D&D character (technically...editions 1 to 3, or editions of 1974 to 2008) ever made, I am inviting all interested NWN (NeverWinter nights) players to join in the closing event.


I will be spending the next ten + days (till August 12th,2110) at a special "afk farm" on Aventia's South Isle subserver. You are welcome to join me there to witness the final processing and to chit-chat with me, or others that may be there.


If watching a 390+ running circles around a XP farm area bores you, you can brouse through the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of dungeons and areas that have been added to the Aventian family, since 2002.


Yes, Aventia is a very old NWN1 server family. It takes five subservers to keep the content sorted properly (and increased needed server population during the busy times). But, don't let this description lead you to think this is an advertisement for players. Aventia, like many of the old NWN internet servers, are slowly dieing away. The few old and faithful sentimental members are the only thing that provide a living blood pulse, to keep such servers alive.


But, Aventia is not dead yet. And the disatisfaction from other Internet games, such as WOW, have resulted in alot of ex-NWN'ers to taking a 2nd look at their old stomping grounds. This means old players with knowledge of old tricks, class development, non-hack applications of soft bugs, and boring statistical mathematical formulas (combat, saves, etc) are back. They can teach any new players their secret tricks.


Invitations to the special level 400 event have been issued to various gaming magazine contacts, old writers of Dragon Magazine, and gaming designers of todays modern XP using systems. They may be available to discuss anything D&D, or about systems that rely on experience points. Philosophies of the use of experience points in gaming will probably be discussed, given the nature of the special event.


-- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. --


Incase you unwilling or unable to review the earlier "Making a honest lvl 300 is possible." thread, here is some details about the Aventia world, from which this soon-to-be level 400 is developing from.


Aventia was founded in 2002, as a Action type PvP setting. It soon became one of the top three Action servers to choose from, allowing 75 players per sub-server. At that time level 20 was the highest possible, and the present system for post level 40 advancement was of course not yet in existance. Dozens of scripters and dungeon designers and dungeon designers, from all over the world contributed areas to the Aventia world. Today you can see various headstones and signs that inform you who made the area, and when.


As the years went on the levels grew, 1st to level 30, then to level 40. Soon after the level 40 upgrade, the decision was made to allow leveling past level 40, all the way to the theoretical limit of about level 2047 (approx) (* see far bottom). Special Aventian scipts gave very meager rewards for continuing on past level 40, so basically players only went on past level 40 for egotistical reasons (subject to opinion by others).


Never-the-less, the new Aventian leveling system did allow for new challenges. As the policies in WOW (for example), in 2009, became increasingly annoying to the older WOW-classic-players, the old WOW'ers (like me) left, reluctantly, to look up old friends, like Aventia. After kicking the can around there for abit, I took up the challenge to make a level 400 D&D character. Maybe I saw it as a last chance to do something very old-D&D'ish. Its similiar to the attitude, why do climbers climb mountains that have never been climbed before? Yes, I was aware of the massive time required to do something boring, more than one called me crazy for trying, but, I was willing.


-- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. --


Anyways, the present Aventia is kept on life support by a noble gentleman called Ralt Gaither (player alias), out of his own wallet. Aventia uses the latest CEP rating, incase your wondering why you can't get in. So, come on down and see a bit of D&D history take place, before the silly 'D&D version four' and fake-D&D gaming cronies take over for good. Talk to the old D&D'ers that have been stopping by lately and say hello.


After lvl 401, I'll add a update to the "Making a honest level 300 is possible." thread, then retire...kinda, and go back to playing level 1-8's, which is more fun for me.


* (comment to above ) some say it was after level 20 that Aventia had balancing issues, like other servers, which led to its popularity to slowly bleed away. This accelerated as more maximum levels were added. Kinda reminds you of WOW's problem eh?

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"Alright, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade - make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager. Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons. Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons. I'm going to to get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"

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Perseverance, mathematical acumen, rigorous time management... all good things


Using same for the purpose of achieving an abstract level in one entirely imaginary community... a mistake.


EDIT: In case I wasn't clear, well done for showing the virtues I describe. You can be proud of them.

Edited by Walsingham

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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