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O hai forum, some news today?

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Apologies if I/Obsidian have been a bit quiet on these boards lately. But I'm told there is going to be some news up on IGN later today about AP. I'll update this with a link when we see it go up...


Well, it looks like it might already be up. Here's a link to the newest trailer for the game! And a release date announcement!

Matthew Rorie

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Is that the PC release date, as well?

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Yay! :grin:


A date and a trailer... and a nice trailer too. Setting the mood without giving away too many details >_

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Man. It reeks of a ME ripoff.. which means the game will be lots of fun. Good trailer overall.


However... "your weapon is choice" has got to be the lamest tagline ever. FFS


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Looks good. I liked the way the trailer was put together, but I would have kept the line "he's got more... and we want you to kill him" quiet, myself. It sounds a bit like "no, not the mind probe!" >_<

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to paraphrase..


"I am shocked, shocked to find that an actual release date has been given!"



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Oh wow. That was one of the best video game trailers I have ever seen, no joke. Top-notch voice acting, great cinematic flow. Looks as good as most movie trailers, if not better.


Edit: Didn't mean to quote.

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I knew amazon.ca's release date of April 1st was just some kind of sick joke.


Great news. Summer is gonna be sweet. >_<

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Odd that Oz is getting an early release date. Usually they get things later, no?


Great news, though!


We do usually get games later, but for some reason Sega (and Lucasarts) titles often come out here first. Guess they like us... or are using us as a testing ground >_<


Far more importantly however, that trailer is beautiful.

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That looks a lot better, a lot more impressive and eyecatching. Good stuff.


Also the world is gonna be up in arms about Australia getting it first for whatever crazy reasons, but hey, I'm happy >_<

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