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Stasis Field or Insanity?

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This may seem like a silly question to ask but, which one is better.


Stasis Field Advantages:

Works best on a light side or neutral character

Has a better save

Can immobilize multiple targets


Stasis Field Disadvantages:

Costs more Force Points

Have to wait until level 15 to get it

Easier to save against

Doesn't last as long


Insanity Advantages:

Works best on a Dark Side or Neutral character

Harder to save against

Lasts longer

Can immobilize multiple targets

Can be acquired at Level 12

Less Force Points


Insanity Disadvantages:

More affected by light side alignment than Stasis Field used by Dark Side character

Has a worse save


Also, what about Death Field and Storm.


Storm Advantages:

Does more damage

Harder to save against

Less Force Points


Storm Disadvantages:

Restricted by Armor

Must be obtained at Level 18

Doesn't heal


Death Field Advantages:

Damages and Heals

Works on multiple targets


Death Field Disadvantages:

Easier to save againt

More Force Points

Must be obtained at level 18

Restricted by Armor

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I don't really think there is much of a difference between Stasis Field and Insanity, especially after you hit Level 25. The choice between the two is purely down to what sort of path you want to take (LS or DS) and to save FPs. I'd say Insanity is marginally better since you can affect multiple targets a lot sooner than the light side option.


Death-field looses hands down compared to the lightning storm. I almost never bother with it since the vitality you might gain from using it is little, compared to what you can get from using master heal or some of the stronger medpacs.

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Eh, unfortunately the Dark Side Powers are always more effective. The Light Side powers are usually buffs and they're either ineffective or the fight is over when you've finally applied them.

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I tend to like insanity because you spend the game fighting DS characters, but I usually don't use either... And Storm. Most definitely.

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Hm, kind of thought most people would think the edge would go to Insanity, but how about Force Crush or Force Storm. Another question I forgot to put in. Though, one thing is that if your vitality is like maybe 12 points out of say like 300, and going into a room with 5 enemies in it, using Death Field, even if all them save it, you'll still possibly get around 90+ vitality healed.


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