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Do you like Russia?  

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what a broad question.


i like russian accents. i like russian names and the words commie and comrade inspired by russia(ns). classical russian music is awesome also - khachaturian is my favourite classical composer. often at sporting events etc i barrack for russia as a second team.


but really i've never been to russia. what if its full of gangsters and commies? (commies i can stomach but i don't like 2-bit hoodlums)


i would say i like russia but really i know very little of russia so what i like is the paper fantasy russia i have in my head.

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I've nothing against Russia. I think Putin is a bit of a jerk, and it's not a country in great shape socially or economically, so it must be hard to live there.

The country has a fascinating history, which lends an air of depression to the country, given it's current state. Once so rich and powerful, and now.. not so much.

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Русские - мои друзья

Мои тоже! Странно, да?


In our country we have some problems: we cant buy some games in the shops (like KotOR and NWN). I know that I can buy this games in the internet, but everybody buy unofficial copies of the games (they cost 3-6 dollars).


P.S. The official copy cost 6 dollars too but there are no official copies of NWN and KotOR!!!!!!

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Russia is a mixed bag.


On the one hand, it's an interesting country with a fascinating past (Me = Russophile History buff) which has more than once had a tremendous impact on the course of world history.


On the other hand, it's probably one of the single most depressing countries on the planet. Seems like it's never a good time to be born a Russian; at all points in history, one looks back and sees either totally incompetent leaders running the country into the ground or ruthless, vicious tyrants slaughtering people by the tens of thousands/millions.....sometimes both at once.


Even today, with Russia ostensibly a Democracy, the country is known in the West primarily for widespread government corruption, massive pollution left over from the Communist era, and the Russian Mafia. One can only hope the 21st century is kinder to Russia than the 20th was. :lol:

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Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

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A land with a rich cultural herritage, a vast history, and plenty of good Russian people? Why would I not like Russian?


There are different eras, different rulers, and different people, but I like Russia quite well.


I'm not hot on communism or socialism, but that wasn't the question.

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Actually, Russia's communist era created a definition that lasts until today. Some of the best writers (Pushkin, Dostoevsy, Gogol...) all started their career in the wake of the revolutions. Others, like Brodsky, were direct products of the era.

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I love Russia! I'm fascinated by its history, its technology (love the MIG's!) and its heritage. Also, I think Russia is on the brink of a breakthrough in gaming and there are a lot of highly educated/intellectual people there. It seems like a lot of interesting titles are being developed there right now too. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to repair a damaged international reputation and a flawed political system. In Sweden, Russia is well-known for its crime rates and corruption.


I do own an alarm clock that speaks the time in russian when you press a big red nose on it, though ;)

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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Russia is mediocre as a country goes, it has more problems than you can shake a stick at. But the russians themselves are a great people, I hope they get their act and their country together.




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Vodka in cans... out of vending machines... what's not to like?


In Vladavostok, I found the majority of people to be friendly and quite outgoing. It didn't help that I was in a US Navy, dress white uniform either.


Architecture (just in the city, I didn't leave it...) was grandiose, to say the least. The food was a bit bland, streets were a little littered, but the prices, with the exchange rate, were really good.


It's wrong to judge an entire country on one brief trip to one city, but I enjoyed myself immensely.

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Ive never been to Russia, but:


1. Its economy is in shambles

2. Its environment is getting more screwed up by the day

3. Its basically run by the mafia

4. Its infested with commies

5. Its commiting genocide against ethnic minorities, an act it seems very fond of doing

6. It hardly has any population that is large enough of a market to encourage investors

7. Moscow is filled with racist skinheads who kill middle eastern children

8. On a positive note, theyre selling weapons to India. But then again theyre also selling weapons to everyone else including terrorist states like iran.


All in all I dont like Russia, it sounds like a sickening place.

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If Russian game developers would make it a habit to target the European market before the US I'd like them more. Still waiting for the I of the Dragon from Primal Software to hit DK.

I think that Perimeter is rather good! And I think that Nival will make Heroes V and Mist Land will make Jagged Alliance 3

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whel i must say that i agred whit the ideal of comunism, but in the real world it dosent work (a shame)

in norway whear i cam from we haw an mixstur of capatlism and comunism and its cald sosialism


and must say i realy loved the russian history,

bye the way swedis vikings did conkerd russia!! impresiv :blink:

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Guest Surlent

I can't vote.

As a Finnish (Finland is neighbor of Russia), I've met few Russian people and they all have been very friendly.

I don't really have anything against the people, eventually they are pretty much the same where you go, only cultural habits differ.


Been in Russia once years ago, it didn't look so good.

Though I didn't get gang raped or anything, Russia is known to have lots of criminals, poor economy and polluted enviroment.

Putin however seems to do his best to bring Russia out of this.


So the people overall don't seem bad, but the country is in a need of fix.

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Since you ask, an honest answer.


Tchetchenya, 'Kursk', Nord-Ost or even the latest restructuring of the former KGB (FSB?) - made and still makes me wonder. Or Yukos - don't know if I spell it right - this big company whose CEO was arrested lately.


I still have the feeling, that Russian politics is commie-style or post-commie style in its approach, even though Putin rules. That's just facade. Behind it, it is still about military approach to politics, expansionism, no responsibility for your actions, oligarchy. Russian soldiers lead ethnic cleaning operations, contrary to what your government says, and those who voice against your government are silenced one way or the other. Tchetchens might be terrorists (I'd argue), but it was Russia who invaded, and started the mess. Some claim you are killing a nation there, and levelling towns to rubble, not 'fighting terrorists'.


But there are nice sides to Russia too. There are beautiful places there, beautiful people too and true people and honest. They have great achievements in math, physics, etc, etc - in spite of poverty.


And folks who think Putin is okay are blind, in my not so humble opinion.

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