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Kotor 2 - problems

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Hello :)


Okay, so here are my system's specs:


MB: MSI - NB78 BL/B (Intel 845PE Chipset, AGP 4x, IDE, Onboard LAN&Audio)

RAM: 768 (I don't know the manufacturer)

CPU: Intel - Pentium 4 Celeron 2.4 Ghz - overclocked to 2.8 Ghz (tried it at 2.4, even lower, but the same results in games)

VIDEO: ASUS - AH3450 (ATI HD3450 256 MB DDR2, 400x2 Mhz Memory Freq, 600 Mhz GPU Freq)

AUDIO: Realtek AC'97

HDD: WDC 80 GB 7200RPM

MONITOR: Daewoo 518X


Driver versions:




* Product: Intel



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I don't think KOTOR likes ATI graphics cards very much.


How much though? Is it THAT bad? I mean, for god's sake, it's a X3k card..it should be more than enough to run the game...

Driver problems? Should I downgrade to a INSANELY old driver? (like catalyst 5, even if HD3000 series are not supported)

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The problem is that the game doesn't seem to like the ATI graphics cards, regardless of the cards specs otherwise.


Its none to fond of my Geforce card either, but will at least run with some graphical glitches.

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The main problem with ATI hardware is the piss-poor OpenGL support in their drivers. Since OpenGL functionality is completely dependent on the drivers supporting it properly, it really doesn't matter what the hardware itself is supposed to be capable of when the drivers are lacking. However, it has been reported that the new Catalyst 9.4 drivers actually correct most of the problems with KotOR and ATI hardware, though I really have only seen that stated once. It would be nice to hear some confirmation of it.

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